About Cause Momentum

What Is Cause Momentum?

All donations to the Cause Momentum projects are made initially to the Community Foundation of the Ozarks and will appear as such on your billing statement. Upon completion of each Cause Momentum project, the participating organization will receive a grant from CFO (minus fees) to fund the project.


Q: Why was Cause Momentum built?

Cause Momentum was built to make it easy for you to connect to non-profits with local efforts to better your community. It is a donation and sharing tool for the specific projects that inspire you.

Q: Who is behind Cause Momentum?

Cause Momentum is a result of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks’ interest in helping its non-profit partners that you know and love. The CFO partners with Springfield-based digital design and development firm Mostly Serious to deliver this platform for online, project-based fundraising.

Q: Which nonprofits get to use Cause Momentum?

Organizations with charitable 501(c)3 or equivalent IRS charitable status with funds established at CFO can use the Cause Momentum platform to promote and raise funds for their charitable projects. This helps you know that these organizations are vetted and your donations reach them directly.

Q: What is a donation?

A donation is when you use a credit card or other means of payment to put money into Cause Momentum.

Q: What constitutes a project?

Projects listed on Cause Momentum are specific projects submitted by local nonprofit organizations. They have determined specific details and financial needs required to achieve their goals and complete their projects on Cause Momentum. Supporting a project on Cause Momentum gives you confidence in two ways:

  1. 1. The organization that is presenting the project is a member agency of CFO and qualifies for a tax-deductible donation.
  2. 2. The donation that you pledge is delivered through CFO directly to that member agency with no additional Cause Momentum overhead cost. CFO will assess only the credit-card transaction fee, which donors can opt to cover, and a 1 percent administrative fee to help support the CFO’s cost to maintain the platform.

A project has a set financial goal, set objectives and plans, and a limited time to get Cause Momentum donations toward the goal. You can propel a goal's momentum by donating to a project on Cause Momentum or by sharing with others on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or E-mail. You can also affect project momentum by writing about and linking to the project on your blog or other search-engine tracked sites. A project that has momentum will stand out on the page among other projects. So, when you find a project that you want to succeed donate, then share, and share again.

Q: What happens when I donate to a project?

All donations to projects on Cause Momentum are made initially to the Community Foundation of the Ozarks and will appear as such on your billing statement. Upon successful completion of each Cause Momentum project, the participating organization will receive a grant for the donated amount (less fees) from CFO for fulfillment of its project.

Q: What fees are necessary?

Our goal is to pass as much as possible of all donations to the agencies for completion of their projects. Fees are associated with credit card or payment gateway transactions (i.e. VISA, MC, Stripe, PayPal all have fees) and the standard CFO 1 percent administrative fee. Donors can reduce the impact of these fees by selecting the “Cover my transaction cost” checkbox at the time of donation.

Q: How do I receive my tax-deductible receipt?

After a donation is completed, you will receive a confirmation email that will work as a tax receipt. You also can download your tax-deductible donations by logging into Cause Momentum and visiting your profile page. Select the “Tax Records” tab and click the link to the PDF file of the year for which you wish to download documentation. You will be prompted to save the file to your computer for archival or viewing.

Q: Can I donate anonymously?

Yes. To make an anonymous donation check the box to opt to donate anonymously during checkout. Your real contact information will need to be in place on your Cause Momentum account to proceed with payment, and will be kept on file at the Community Foundation of the Ozarks for tax purposes. However, you will remain anonymous to the agency and to public viewers of project supporters. This information will only be visible to the CFO and will not be shared with anyone outside that organization, including nonprofit agencies.

Q: What is the 'cover my transaction costs' checkbox?

All credit card transactions come with some sort of associated cost. Once you have decided on a donation amount, you can elect to ‘cover your transaction fees’ so that cost is not deducted from your donation when the final reconciliation is made to the agency.

Q: When is a donation not tax-deductible?

All donations are tax-deductible unless an agency offers an incentive that provides an item of value in exchange for a donation. In that case, the value of that item should be deducted from your donation. Agencies are discouraged from setting incentives that offer items of value. If in doubt, you should seek the advice of a qualified professional.

Q: What is your policy on refunds?

Donations are non-refundable. If you made an error in donating the intended amount, or if you believe your credit-card information was compromised, please contact the CFO as soon as possible.

Q: Can I write a check?

If you are interested in supporting a project using a checking account as opposed to a credit- or debit-card transaction, please contact the nonprofit agency directly to make arrangements for that.

Q: How can I help spread the word about a cause?

Use the social icon links on the project page to spread the word through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter or even through email.

Q: Have questions, comments or need assistance?

If you have any questions or need any support while using Cause Momentum, please feel welcome to email us at cfo@cfozarks.org.