Agency Overview

Whole Kids Outreach

Whole Kids Outreach is a faith-based, not-for-profit organization committed to addressing the unmet health and developmental needs of pregnant women/teens and children within their family structures.

Poverty compounded by isolation creates unthinkable challenges for families and often these challenges – and the outcomes they create – are repeated from one generation to the next, leaving little hope for better futures. The children are at the heart of these challenges and are the ones who suffer most.

In southeastern Missouri, there is a hidden pocket of poverty where thousands of families are trying to manage the challenges of isolation and poverty on their own. Whole Kids Outreach is there to help. The WKO service area includes the Missouri counties of Butler, Carter, Iron, Reynolds, Shannon and Wayne and encompasses nearly 5,000 square miles.

We are there to help, because in our area …

… one-third of the children live in poverty.

… the rate of births to teen mothers is more than 50% higher than the state of Missouri overall.

… child abuse and neglect occurs in the area at a rate 30% higher than in the state as a whole.

… the children need us.


Through Healthy Family America and nursing home visits as well as center-based programs at the Whole Kids Outreach Center in Ellington, Missouri, WKO has been serving hundreds of families since 1999.