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An all steel sculpture rising 35 feet in height, 20 feet in width, and 80 feet in length is currently under construction, and when complete, will be erected at the Cuba, MO, Visitors Center; this location is at the intersection of Highway 19 and Interstate 44. Celebrating the History of the Missouri Osage Indians, a tribe native to the state and to this region of the Ozarks, the project is meant to pay tribute to both the Osage Nation and the Osage Trail, which ran along a ridge of the Ozark Mountains, providing a key transportation and trading route during the westward expansion of the United States.

For these reasons, the project management team feels it is of vital importance to commemorate the legacy of the Osage. The corridor running directly through Cuba, MO, was used for travel and trade. The Osage Trail is one of the most important trails that goes across the State of Missouri and it has powerful historical significance.

The sculpture will depict an Osage family moving westward on the Osage trail. The sculpture is designed to work with the contours of the site which will include working water features and native plant landscaping. Additionally, the walking trail will be lighted for evening viewing opportunities. The 35 foot height will allow interstate drivers to see the sculpture from the city limit boundaries, both east and west. This promises to be the largest sculpture ever dedicated, and erected, to the Osage Nation. It will be a destination for all who desire to understand the Osage Legacy in Missouri.

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