Agency Overview

BCFO seeks to reduce the physical, financial and emotional burdens of breast cancer on the communities served by the foundation. Support provided by BCFO is made possible through the generosity of individuals and businesses and through special grants. All contributions stay local.

BCFO's Goals include:

  • Establish a charitable fund to meet needs of individuals with breast cancer and their families
  • Advocate for issues not currently focused on by other area resources
  • Provide information for accessing second opinions
  • Promote breast cancer awareness for those under 40
  • Increase awareness of treatment options and resources for all stages of breast cancer
  • Provide information not included in current breast health promotion

BCFO provides short-term, non-medical financial assistance to residents of southwest Missouri and the Four States (Joplin) area in current treatment for breast cancer with demonstrated financial need. Assistance may be provided for one or more of the following financial obligations:

  • Rent or mortgage
  • Utility assistance
  • Car insurance
  • Gas to drive to and from treatment
  • Propane for heat
  • Car payment

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