Agency Overview

LFCS is first and foremost a crisis pregnancy counseling center and adoption agency. In Southwest Missouri we also offer mental health counseling starting as young as age 2, and work with the state foster care system to train and case manage foster families. Greene County has over 700 children in the foster care system which is the highest statistic in the state. And we recently were granted the privilege of serving four additional counties, doubling our foster parent case management and the foster children in their homes to over 400. With 53% of foster children being adopted by their foster parents it is crucial to have these children in individual homes rather than facilities. Making that happen is our mission. And as a result our SWMO office has, by far, the highest annual adoption rate of all of our regional locations across the state!

LFCS SWMO Fast Facts:

  • The Southwest Regional office is located in Springfield and serves 29 counties in SW Missouri

  • Programs are available to everyone regardless of age, faith, gender, national origin or race

  • More than 90% of clients are of other faiths than Lutheran

  • Services are provided by professional social workers and psychologists

  • LFCS has other offices located in St. Louis, St. Charles, Union, Columbia and Cape Girardeau

  • 394 individuals were served through our pregnancy, parenting and adoption services

  • Assisted pregnant women with critical direct assistance such as food, clothing, housing and transportation

  • 88% improved education and/or employment
  • 100% improved housing
  • 96% of LFCS clients delivered healthy babies

  • Almost 300 children received Christmas gifts through the Season of Sharing

  • 225 foster families served

  • A part of 64 children being placed in Forever Homes through adoption

  • Counseled  148 individuals through new Mental Health Services for 1400 hours of evidenced based therapy



Pregnancy, Parenting & Adoption

  • Confidential, professional pregnancy counseling and case management for families choosing to parent or make an adoption plan for their unborn child

  • Referrals and direct assistance for women facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy

  • Continues support services to women for one year post delivery

  • Offers quarterly support groups for birth parents; All services free of charge


Foster Care

  • Provides temporary and emergency foster care for both infants and children

  • Recruits, trains, supports, and handles case management for foster parents of children in the State's Foster Care System.

  • Foster care adoption support and training

  • A member of the Springfield Partners collaboration with Preferred Family Health and Good Samaritan Boys' Ranch



  • Fully licensed and Hague accredited

  • Assistance with domestic, inter-country, independent and embryo adoptions

  • Complete home studies for families adopting through LFCS, inter-country, independent and embryo adoptions

  • Offers support and education to adoptive families

  • Provides post-placement supervision


Mental and Behavioral Health Counseling

  • Fully licensed Psychologists

  • Counseling for children, adolescents, couples, individuals and families

  • Psychological testing and assessment


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