Agency Overview

The mission of Eden Village is to develop a loving and flourishing community of tiny homes where the idividuals can thrive. This community will consist of people who might otherwise inhabit doorways, parks, sidewalks and under bridges.  The Gathering Tree's Eden Village is an exciting concept in providing permanent, supportive, affordable and sustainable housing to the chronically disabled homeless based in a loving and hospitable environment with amenities to improve the quality of life. The concept that a homeless person can best focus on the cause of his or her homelessness if his or her basic human needs are being met including a sense of being placed, a connection, loyalty, affection, identity, ownership, a location, a home, a community.  We know that when people have adequate housing and have access to nutritious foods that the cost to our society, both economically and emotionally, is reduced - including less need for emergency medical care and diminshed use of our criminal justice system.  The village will be a stewardship community with the members of the community giving back to the entire community.

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