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Springfield, MO

Agency Overview

The concept of "Borrow My Angel" originated with a song written to my sister when she was in her darkest place as she battled with mental illness. While walking through my sister’s journey with her, I realized that there is no such thing as “too many allies” in the life of someone struggling with mental illness. 

When she was at one of her lowest moments, I struggled to convey to her how I felt, and how badly I wanted to help her bear her burdens. Those emotions were channeled into the song, "Borrow My Angel" letting her know that any time she needed it, she could borrow my guardian angel to help her overcome the challenges she faced living with mental illness. 

The lessons I learned about mental health stigmas, compassion and availability from my sister has led to the creation of The Borrow My Angel Foundation. The reality in today’s time, is that most of us have someone we love who struggles with mental illness. Those that are struggling undoubtedly will experience moments where they simply need hope, a friend and a non-judgmental ear to listen. We owe it to them to be "an Angel" to those in desperate need to help them survive and even thrive through their darkest moments.

The Borrow My Angel Foundation embodies a vision that celebrates the power of a listening ear and an open heart. Our goal is to mobilize an army of volunteers who are willing to simply be a friend, a non-judgmental voice who offers an ear, a pathway to hope and recovery, and resources for guidance to those that are struggling with mental illness, depression or suicidal thoughts when they need it the most. 

We are working to develop an app using technology similar to Uber that will send out an "Angel Beacon" at the touch of a button from those needing help. That beacon will then connect someone needing to "Borrow An Angel" with one of our volunteers for a COMPLETELY anonymous encounter via phone call or instant messenger through the app. Our "Angels" volunteer will lend an ear, be a friend in that moment, and help guide those in need to seek professional help and guidance.

The official mission of The Borrow My Angel Foundation is two fold:

1.) Increase awareness around mental disorders and mental disease. We must understand that those who are suffering have a DISEASE and truly need HELP. Culturally, we would never dream of telling someone with cancer that they need to “suck it up” or “get over it”. Yet that is far too often the message that our society sends those who are in need of help.

2.) Offer help and hope to those who are in their darkest moments. By leveraging volunteers and technology, our vision is to provide an easy, anonymous and safe method for those who are struggling to reach out for hope, an ear to listen, and resources for help and assistance.

Thank you so much in advance for helping the mission become a reality. Any additional questions can be sent to Feel free to send suggestions, ideas or comments, and thank you for helping us on this journey!!

Chuck Dow


The Borrow My Angel Foundation