LGL Inc.

Greenfield, Missouri

Agency Overview

LGL Inc is a non-profit organization giving a lift to disabled workers.  They provide and maintain transportation to the Lamar sheltered workshop for individuals in Barton and Dade county. These adults enjoy working which also provides a sense of pride and self-worth.  No rural public transportation is available so LGL was established in 2012 to supply this need.  Currently, they provide transportation to 10 individuals with limited income and travel between 80 and 100 miles per day.  70% of the funds needed to provide this yearly transportation is achieved with fundraisers and donations from indivudals, businesses, churches and local organizations.  The funds LGL receives each year is enough to maintain the vans but not enough to build capital for the inevitable need to replace at least one of its high mileage vehicles.  Please help continue this vital transportation need so these rural individuals can continue their employment.