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Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission

Watered Gardens provides shelter, work and educational opportunities for the poor and homeless in Joplin, MO and its surrounding area. The shelter portion of this mission - a prominent entry point for those in need - is comprised of 40 total beds in two shelter spaces – one for men and one for women. This means that every year, Watered Gardens provides approximately 14,600 total nights of shelter, and sponsorship of these nights is provided from gifts given by individuals, organizations and foundations.


One bed, for one night, costs about $15, which provides the following: a shelter bed, shower, meals, hygiene items, set of clothing/shoes, access to laundry facilities, partnership opportunities to earn needed items, goal setting, life skills, mentoring and a comprehensive life renewal program. From just one night, often a life is rescued and embarks on dramatic change.


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