Agency Overview

Pro Musica began presenting concerts in 1981 and was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 1986.  Our mission is "to foster interest in, appreciation for, and enjoyment of world-class, live classical music in Joplin and the four-state area."  To carry out this mission, Pro Musica presents a program that provides listeners with a wide variety of ensembles, instrument combinations, and both historic and new music.  Programs that combine music in this way broaden the listener's understanding of and appreciation for classical music as well as the culture it represents.  These concerts and their ancillary Arts Education Programs are designed to complement, not compete with, other area music organizations.

Pro Musica's chamber music series consists of five or six concerts each season.  It features professional artists of recognized national and international reputations.  This series has been kept open to the public at no charge since its inception, thus encouraging and enabling attendance by students, families, those on limited incomes, and people just beginnng to appreciate classical music.  

Symphony orchestras are presented every few years.  The experience of hearing the symphonic repertoire and the sound of so many musicians playing togther is an important one in the formation of music appreciation.

While our concerts are the most visible part of what we do, we actually invest more time and energy into our extensive Arts Education Program.  All of our chamber groups do at least one Arts Education Event in the community.  These Arts Education Events benefit students in public and private schools, the local university, and a private college.  Many of these students have never a live performance of a professional musician and/or heard classical music. 

When possible, Arts Education Events are held in non-traditional settings such as assisted living centers, hospitals, and a domestic violence shelter.  It is unlikely many residents of these facilities would be able to attend any type of concert and they are always deeply touched by the willingness of the musicians to come to them.  

The presence of art and music in a community enhances the lives of the people that live there.  As the sole presenter of classical music programming in the Joplin area, Pro Musica fills a niche that is a significant part of the growing Arts & Culture industry that make Joplin a more desireable place to live and work. 

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