Kellogg Lake Nature Center and Preserve  

Carthage, Mo., Missouri

Agency Overview

The Kellogg Lake group works cooperatively with the city parks department and the Missouri Department of Conservation to develop and maintain the park/lake area to meet appropriate needs of the community, including education, entertainment, cultural, economic and recreational uses.

Working with local foundations, businesses and supportive civic organizations, we hold an annual Kids Fishing Day that has grown to become the third largest in the state. We look for ways to improve Kellogg Lake Park that recognize this important asset to our city, the well-being of its residents, and encourage nature conservation in Southwest Missouri. To that end, over the 17 years we have been in existence, we have provided improvements valued at more than $200,000. 

These have included a large fishing pavilion, nature trails, a post and cable system, convenient, small parking areas, a DOC TRIM grant to plant 72 trees, built picnic tables, held bike-safety clinics, an educational session by a representaive from "Wild Kingdom," a fountain to help aerate the lake, a large limestone marker identifying the park (its founding and its location on historic Route 66), backing legislation banning glass bottles and requiring vehicles to drive only on roadways, and supervised community service workers doing park clean-up.

Our most recent effort involved restoring an old rearing pond area (surrounded by dead trees and brush and stagnated each summer), and connecting it to the lake to provide more accessible fishing options.Also in March, we planted 130 tree and shrub saplings as a hedge against the loss of 25 trees the parks department says must be cut down this summer because of age or disease.

First appointed in 2001 by then Mayor Kenneth Johnson as an ad hoc committee to improve the lake/park experience for Carthage residents, the Kellogg Lake group transitioned to a non-profit 501 (3) (C) organization in 2002, and has been working toward that goal ever since. 

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