Agency Overview

Life360 Community Services FEEDS, HOUSES, EDUCATES, and EMPOWERS those in need.


When the physiological need for food goes unmet, impoverished youth struggle to focus on homework, engage in after school activities, or nurture the developmental building blocks that lead to a successful future. To help youth thrive, LCS distributes a five component snack to 12,500+ youth across 20+ rural school districts. In addition to the meal, a daily 15-minute enrichment activity is provided to the classroom to help youth improve literacy skills, cultivate character, and transition to the rest of their day.

The LCS nutrition program did not end when COVID-19 caused school closures. Instead LCS continued to fight youth hunger through the distribution of over 3.3 million nutrition packs to families with youth under the age of 18. 


Many young adults and low-income families struggle to access and sustain housing that they can afford. Emerging adults exiting the foster care system lack the support system to go out on their own. According to the National Foster Youth Initiative, 20% of youth that age out of care become instantly homeless. Young adults with a juvenile record also struggle to get by. Roughly 44% of youth on the streets spend time in jail or a juvenile justice center. To help these emerging adults get on their feet, Life360 House provides supportive housing to 14 young adults experiencing homelessness through four housing units. 

We are actively expanding our capacity to meet the housing needs of struggling individuals. Y Gardens, opened in August 2020, is a 41 unit apartment complex built in partnership with Creason Development and Missouri's Housing Development Commission. 8 of the units are designated to youth exiting the foster care system while the remaining units are for individuals from 30% to 80% of the area median income. Our next housing project will be in Branson and is set to begin construction in the upcoming months. 


Cradle-to-career educational supports are offered through Life360 Preschool, Camp Fairbanks, Royal Family Kids Camp, Fairbanks Coffee Shop, and Jobs for Life. Through our partnership with Lighthouse Child and Family Development Center we are able to provide a safe and nuturing interactive atmosphere for kids within the age of newborn to five years old. Our after-school care program fosters the enterpreneurship of today's youth by teaching the importance of saving money and the basics of economics. 

Through the promotion of kindergarten readiness, closure of the achievement gap, and soft skills development; Life360 Community Services helps individuals gain the job skills needed to become financially self-sufficient. This pillar works hand-in-hand with empowering the families as well. 


Life360 Community Services believes in cultivating the natural skills and talents of individuals seeking to improve their daily life. The theme of empowerment runs through all of our programs and services and starts at understanding the potential of each individual; to open up opportunities for those who want to keep growing. Our hope is that it kickstarts a chain reaction beginning with each life. This pillar is seen in our Fairbanks Coffee shop helping Jobs for Life participants engage in on the job experience and the Children's Business Fair, which gives children the opportunity to create a product with an anvenue to sell it. 

100% of Jobs for Life candidates have found a job within one month of completing the program. These candidates are uniquely prepared to handle spiritual and emotional obstacles often seen in the workplace by gaining real experience within in our coffee shops. Ultimately, Life360 wants to use mentorship and "soft skills" development to establish a new generation of empowered individuals. 



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