Agency Overview

It is our belief that the lives of foster children, foster parents, and senior adults can be enhanced in a safe, secure, and caring community where everyone’s abilities and interests are supported, valued and appreciated. Residents of Generations Village will have the opportunity to live, work and play in a village setting that promotes casual neighboring on the walking trails or basketball court, at the playground, in the picnic pavilion, and at the community center where life skills classes, music and art lessons, tutoring, mentoring, exercise, game nights, Bible studies, and pot luck dinners will be held. Generations Village residents will also be offered the opportunity to participate in field trips, sporting events, concerts, art exhibits, and more.

The Generations Village housing community concept consists of 12 foster homes with 3-4 bedrooms each, 36 senior units with 2-3 bedrooms each, a community center to foster intentional neighboring, and ample green space for casual engagement outdoors. The goal of this design is to promote the physical, mental and emotional well-being of residents and is planned to include amenities such as a security gate and fencing, universal design, and a variety of community areas.

Along with housing, Generations Village will also provide a variety of services to its residents. These activities could include but are not limited to recreational events, educational activities, interest groups, life skill classes, volunteer opportunities, senior mentoring, tutoring sessions, and field trips. The events and programs will be designed to fit the needs and interests of the residents living in the community. Generations Village will also provide space in the community center for support groups including foster parent and grief-share support groups.

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