Agency Overview

Missouri is truly the "Great Rivers State". With over 6,000 Missouri Stream Teams strong, our coalition works every day to conserve and improve the treasured water resources of our state. 

We are a Coalition of 22 regional Stream Team Associations that each work in their own area of Missouri to conserve and clean up their local rivers. Doing business as Stream Teams United, our coalition promotes and supports Missouri Stream Teams.

We facilitate education of Stream Teams and the general public in order to build an appreciation and knowledge of Missouri stream resources. We support stewardship projects to improve the health of Missouri’s rivers and streams. We advocate for clean water, provide information to Missouri citizens, and serve as a united voice for healthy Missouri waters.

Our organization formed in 1999, ten years after the birth of the Missouri Stream Team Program. As a 501(c)3 organization made up of Missouri Stream Team volunteers, we work to broaden the reach and impact of the Missouri Stream Team Program.

Since our founding in 1999, our organization has worked to create the Missouri Clean Marina Program, the Paddle MO program, summarize and publish Stream Team water quality monitoring data, advocate for rivers and streams in the state, establish the "Great Rivers State" slogan for Missouri, and provide support through grants and scholarships to regional Stream Team organizations.


Projects from Stream Teams United