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DST is dedicated to one goal: delivering transformational outcomes for every child.

Dynamic Strides Therapy provides therapy services to children with special needs, consisting of Physical, Occupational an Speech Therapy in our outpatient Clinic, located in Republic, MO. Our Opening More Doors program, supports these children in Southwest Missouri by utilizing three goal-oriented approaches. The three approaches are: 1. Improving accessibility to skilled pediatric therapy services in Southwest Missouri. 2. Providing an integrated environment in pediatric therapy to ease the burden on families requiring multiple services and allowing a more customized plan of care for the child. 3. Helping our patients achieve their maximum potential with assistance from our highly-trained and experienced therapists. Dynamic Strides Therapy (DST) is the one place where children with special needs can experience the therapeutic benefits of equine movement, Aquatic Therapy, a unique sensory gym and the compassionate support of skilled, certified therapists.

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