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Agency Overview

Central High School is the most diverse high school in the Springfield and surrounding area. Central’s ELL program is host to international refugee/immigrant students that speak 20 different languages from 42 different countries including Burma, Korea, China, India, Honduras, etc. According to The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Central High School has 52.6% free/reduced lunch. Students involved at the middle school level include Pipkin (79.2% free/reduced lunch) and Westport. (86.5% free/reduced lunch)


With the aid of Drury College students, peer mentors, and community leaders, students are given the opportunity to be mentored by positive role models. Club leaders will collaborate with teachers and parents to help give feedback on each student’s needs in the classroom. Brian Pyck (club executive director, CHS math teacher, and 2X teacher of the year nominee) has worked in the Central area for the past 14 years and knows what it takes to be successful at Central High School. With a board of local parents invested in the program, The Bulldogs Wrestling Club has partnered with Community Foundation of the Ozarks and Community Partnership of the Ozarks. 


The club will be based out of Central High School to tie-in to the future high school of the participants and ultimately increase the graduation rate.