Agency Overview

Over twenty years ago the Episcopal priest at Grace Episcopal Church, in Carthage Rev. Bruce Green  called together  representatives of the Carthage MO churches.  He had a concern on his heart for homeless people.  Representatives from nine churches responded.  They shared that concern.

In March 1996 the Carthage Crisis Center, Inc. was incorporated and in April 1997 a Center to house homeless men, women and children was opened at 5th and Lyon Streets in Carthage.  By 2005 that Center was bursting at the seams and we were having to turn away a number of homeless families.  The search began for a larger facility.

In 2007 Leggett and Platt gave us our present building at 100 South Main in Carthage.  We moved in in October 2009.  We now have space for eight homeless women, fifteen men and five families.  We have utilized that facility to the fullest.  Every year we impact the lives of hundreds of homeless men, women, boys and girls and thousands of needy people.  We were able to share over a thousand free units of furniture and appliances with needy families.  In addition we shared 470,000 pounds of food--391,667 meals with our sixty member Food Network that shares the food with needy families.

The work of the Carthage Crisis Center is supported solely by contributions.  We receive no government funds.  The needs of homeless and needy individuals are not going away.  Twenty years from now there needs to be a Carthage Crisis Center.  That is why we are assking you today to give to support the Endowment Funds of the Carthage Crisis Center.  This will insure the continued strenght of the Carthage Crisis Center for years to come.  We humbly thank you for your consideration and ask for your support.

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