Agency Overview

CWJC of Southwest Missouri is a part of a national ministry created by WMU (Women's Mission Union) in March 1997.  Currently, there are over 250 work sites across the United States, mainly in Alabama, Tennessee, and Texas. 

Our 8 key elements bring a unique and proven effectiveness to the ministry:

1.  We are certified with the National office.

2.  We have applied for our 501(C) 3 status.

3.  We have conducted a variety of needs assessments within our community.

4. We continue networking with community agencies, businesses, & churches.

5.  We sign covenants with volunteers, mentors, and participants.

6.  All participants will be connected with a one-on-one Christian woman mentor to encourage her throughout the process.

7.  We teach bible study because we believe that Jesus will work within each participant to change her life, bring healing to her life, and give her a purpose as she seeks job placement.

8.  We evaluate our work site each year and look for ways to become more effective and reinerate our purpose.