Agency Overview

We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) facility offering long-term care to dogs and cats until they can be found a loving forever home. We are a true no-kill facility.  Located on over 11 acres near Cassville in Southwest Missouri, we have one paid Operations Manager and three staff members, plus a handful of dedicated volunteers and the good will and generosity of people who care about the welfare of animals. 
Our cats live in Community Rooms with plenty of space to climb, play, and hide, and are caged only when in need of isolation to maintain good health for all. One room has an outdoor area, with plans for more. 
Our dogs live in large, outdoor pens - most 16 X 16 for 2 dogs, and 30 X 90 fields holding 3 dogs each. They enjoy access to fresh water, food, shelter, and shade, with swimming pools during warm weather.

Anyone who visits the Haven can immediately see the love and care given to our animals. We encourage YOU to come vist!