Agency Overview

Children's emotional problems can have a profound impact on every area of their lives and those around them. More than 60 years ago, Ozarks Counseling Center began making a difference in the lives of children by providing affordable mental health services. Today, we also provide counseling services regardless of ability to pay to families, couples, and individual adults. At Ozarks Counseling Center, we have long known what we as a nation are now beginning to realize--access to mental health services is an essential part of well-being for both individuals and the community. 

As a nonprofit and United Way partner, we are able to offer services on a sliding-fee scale based on income. The bottom line is, we do not turn anyone away for inability to pay.

People come to see us for all sorts of reasons: difficulty in their marriage, problems with children’s behavior, grief for a loved one, and anxiety over the loss of a job are just a few examples. We also help with referrals for folks who have more serious psychiatric problems needing medication in addition to talk therapy. Last year we served more than 2,200 individuals for an average charge of $14/hr as compared to the market rate of $90-120/hr.

We also offer mediation services, a divorcing parents’ class, supervised visitation and anger management. As the poverty rate in Springfield and the surrounding area continues to rise, we have continued to see an increase in demand for our services.