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The Springfield Art Museum is dedicated to enhancing the education and documenting the diverse cultural heritage of the people of southwest Missouri, through the collection, preservation and exhibition of art objects.


The Springfield Art Museum recognizes the past and embraces the future as a collaborator and catalyst for the transformation of individuals and the community through art. The Art Museum is a vital partner in the economic development of the city and values collaboration. The Museum will actively cultivate the use of its facilities both interior and exterior as a cultural resource for its citizens through the continued expansion of its permanent collection, creative development and expansion of exhibitions and providing educational outreach to the citizens of Southwest Missouri.


The Springfield Art Museum is one of the City’s oldest cultural institutions.  It started as the Art Study Club, founded by a small group of women in 1926 led by Deborah D. Weisel. The group was successfully incorporated on June 26, 1928 as the Springfield Art Museum. By 1946, the Museum became a City department when Council approved a special levy to include financial support of the Museum and appointed a nine-member board. The Art Study Club eventually deeded the Museum to the City.

As a city department, the Springfield Art Museum continued to grow and find its permanent home in Phelps Grove Park with the largest gallery dedicated to Ms. Weisel.
Today, the Springfield Art Museum continues to honor the legacy of the Art Study Group by expanding community outreach and introducing people of all ages to the beauty, wonder, and imagination of art.

The Museum is currently working to cultivate the use of its facilities as a cultural resource for Southwest Missouri, to expand its permanent collection, and to develop and expand its exhibitions while providing greater educational outreach to the community. We are stewards of the community’s most valuable cultural treasures, and the future of the museum and its programs continues to be brighter than ever. The Museum is always free, and you are always welcome.

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