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Project Overview


FOG 20th anniversary crowdfunding campaign goal of 20K to benefit Sensory Garden installation at Springfield Botanical Gardens


Thank You for Giving!

The Friends of the Garden would like to thank you for your generous contribution to the 20 for 2020 campaign! By giving, you are ensuring our community has a place to connect with nature and find inspiration for generations to come. Every donation makes a direct impact, helping keep the Springfield Botanical Gardens at Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park a place for all to find calm and beauty along its walkways.

Because of the thoughtful contributions of yourself and others, we have reached 30% of our goal. Please help us keep the momentum going by sharing the campaign with your friends and on social media. The 20 for 2020 campaign runs until August 23rd and we want to spread the word about helping this great resource in Springfield. As a proven park promoter, you are one of our best voices!

We appreciate your joining with us to benefit one of the true treasures of our community - we are well on our way to making 20 for 2020 a reality thanks to you!


About Friends of the Garden

Friends of the Gardens exists to inspire the discovery, understanding and appreciation of nature by creating and maintaining the Springfield Botanical Gardens (Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park), by unifying its park partners, and by supporting the mission of the Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center and Park Board.

Friends of the Garden


Springfield, MO