Donate to 20 for 2020: Help Grow the Garden

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Growing a garden is a combination of steps, large and small. When they come together, things really start to bloom! Every individual step counts and your $5 donation can purchase a new plant for our garden beds. All donations will help Friends of the Garden continue the Springfield Botanical Gardens' growth for the next 20 years.



What could be more fitting than to give $20 to celebrate the Friends of the Garden's 20th anniversary? Your donation level helps our volunteer gardeners plant three to four plants and will bring us closer to our goal of $20,000 for Friends of the Garden’s general fund.



It’s 2020, so why not double-down? This donation can create a lasting change in the garden by helping plant one to two plants and providing two feet of garden pathway. It is a big step toward our financial goal and ensuring the Springfield Botanical Gardens is a community amenity for years to come.



Just as the larger projects and installations have helped Friends of the Garden transform the Springfield Botanical Gardens into a destination for our community, your generous donation of $200 will have a significant impact on keeping the garden a place where all people can come together to enjoy the outdoors and nature.

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