Compassionate care close to home

Listen to the testimonial of just one of the family members of one of the guests and how our mission helped their family.

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Pledge Incentives

$10.00 Level

21 Supporters

$10 covers the cost of one meal for a guest and their visitor, allowing them to comfort their family member without worry and additional stress

$25.00 Level

12 Supporters

if only 25 people donate $25, this would cover utilities for one month

$50.00 Level

13 Supporters

$50 covers the cost of training just TWO of our volunteers. Volunteers are the heart of the house providing 24/7 caregiving assistance with dedicated attention

$100.00 Level

4 Supporters

if 300 people donate $100, it would cover closing costs to purchase our current home that we are leasing.

Project Overview

Our mission is supported by 98% volunteers and ONLY from donations/grants.  We do not accept insurance, Medicaid, Medicare or private pay.  Guests stay for FREE. 

We provide a safe place for individuals on Hospice, near their last 30 days of life, to spend their end days.  Hospice providers visit their patients 3-5 times a week.  However, often patients approaching the end of their journey on earth need more care, as much as 24/7.  Many families aren't able to be the 24/7 caregiver for their family member.   Many other families don't have the finances for a facility and don't qualify for Medicaid.  Solace House fills that gap. We provide 24/7 oversight of the guests in collaboration with their Hospice Provider.

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About Solace House of the Ozarks, Inc.


Solace House of the Ozarks – A home filled with loving-kindness for those at life’s end, and a haven of support for caregivers.



We began the discussion in January, 2018 with three people.  This group quickly swelled to about 20 by late April, 2018.  By May 22nd, 2018 this group grew to 40 people and included doctors, nurses, civic leaders, businessmen and women, hospice providers, and others.  By late June, the group had chosen a board who had committed to taking all the necessary steps to turn our mission and dream into a reality.

2019 was filled with fund and friend-raisers with a focus on educating the community about our mission.   In March 2019, Solace House was approved as a 501(c)3. Early 2020 we leased a beautiful home on 2425 S. Mina Ave in Joplin, MO and began in earnest serving the community.  COVID hit and postponed not only planned fundraisers but the opening of the home.  We did finally open on June 1, 2020 receiving our first guest that opening day.  Maintaining a volunteer staff was our biggest challenge during this year.  But we also received one of our biggest blessings by hiring the perfect person to serve as our Support Services Director! 


Strategic Goals

2021 looks bright and full of promise!  Our goals this year are three:

#1 To purchase our home on Mina Ave to more wisely use the funds the community has donated to the mission.

#2 To maintain a “full house”…that is to have a robust active volunteer list that would be able to support two guests and their families at all times.

#3 To see the bill passed that has been presented to the Missouri Legislature, allowing us to have more than two guests at a time.


Call to Action

Presently, this first quarter of 2021, we are looking for someone to financially assist Solace House of the Ozarks in purchasing our current home. $150,000. 

Once the bill is passed, we will be looking to purchase or build a larger home to accommodate up to five guests. This would include space for their families to meet/eat/pray in privacy.  It will need to include office space for volunteers and staff, laundry facilities, large kitchen, storage and adequate parking for all visitors, volunteers and staff.  This location will also need to be serene, peaceful and beautiful.

ul, beautiful.

Solace House of the Ozarks, Inc.