A Fresh Perspective

February 2021, Springfield Contemporary Theatre established a new base of operations at 2025 E Chestnut Expressway. SCT is confident and excited in the new innovative opportunities to fulfill its mission while creating fresh, socially distanced and safe productions.

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Pledge Incentives

$50.00 Level

50 Supporters

CAMEO: Your gift of $50 or more will make an impact. Every donation of any size increases our organization's momentum and takes us closer to our goal.

$100.00 Level

22 Supporters

SUPPORTING PLAYER: Your gift of $100 of more helps cover day-to-day expenses that arise as we move forward creating a safe season of professional caliber work for our community.

$250.00 Level

4 Supporters

FEATURED PLAYER: Your gift of $250 or more paves the way to purchase new energy-efficient lighting equipment that not only helps us be more flexible in where we present work, but also lowers over-all utility bills and is environmentally friendly. This equipment will not only help us in this time of hybrid production, but will be the foundation for a new lighting system in our future permanent home.

$500.00 Level

2 Supporters

PRINCIPAL PLAYER: Your gift of $500 or more helps us pay production royalties to be able to present new and exciting theatrical offerings as they become available. Due to the pandemic and the diversification of performance mediums, the production royalties for plays and musicals now cover many more presentation options. However, this new flexibility has come in increased to the costs of production rights.

Project Overview

SCT’s goal is to raise $10,000 on Give Ozarks 2021 to support:
1. SCT’s new Operations Center which is fully equipped with administrative offices, rehearsal studio, scenic studio and warehouse which allows for outdoor productions and virtual streaming options.


  1. Specific infrastructure costs required to mount productions outdoors on site, indoor productions on site-, and site-specific productions that are safe and socially distant for artists and patrons alike

  2. Continued solvency which allows the SCT staff to dream big without fear of closure by locking in a reduced overhead for the next two years.

    4. The future at SCT: all items purchased will be selected to not only support our current venture and hybrid productions, but also the transition into SCT's eventual permanent home.


In February 2021, Springfield Contemporary Theatre established a new base of operations at 2025 E Chestnut Expressway. The move is an economical one that allows the organization to operate under one roof. This move consolidates what had been three different locations and will result in one rent and utilities payment instead of three. This new space provides SCT the flexibility to pursue virtual productions, outdoor productions on site, and productions at local venues that allow for safe and socially distant seating. In this new space, SCT will continue to prioritize producing safe, high quality, consistent, year-round productions that its audiences have come to expect.


What started as plans and ideas in theory has rapidly evolved into a clear reality for the 2021-2022 season. On Give Ozarks 2021, Springfield Contemporary Theatre will announce a compelling hybrid season with productions starting May 2021 through June 2022. As efforts to fight the pandemic continue, Springfield Contemporary Theatre has planned several outdoor productions on site at the new Operation Center and in site specific locations around Springfield in addition to opportunities with partner organizations at larger venues that can allow for socially distant seating. In addition to the mainstage docket, Springfield Contemporary Theatre is planning music events and a special gala celebration to get the organization back on track and pointed towards its future permanent home. We look forward to providing opportunities for our community, both artists and patrons, to come together safely and celebrate the shared theatrical experiences we know, love and miss.


We are committed to Downtown Springfield, and we continue our search for a permanent home in the downtown area that will allow us to produce indoor productions in a safe and healthy situation for performers and audience as social distancing guidelines can be eased in the future.

Springfield Contemporary Theatre is known for real, premiere, immersive, grown-up theatre. Thank you in advance for helping Springfield Contemporary Theatre achieve our goal on Give Ozarks 2021. Together, we will continue to create theatre safely, and with a fresh perspective.


Thank You and Whats to Come!

Thank you so much for pushing us towards our goal and celebrating our new season!! Rick is going to be back on Facebook Live at 1pm CST to give more updates about Season 26 and what we're all looking forward to!

We Reached Our Goal!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! We are humbled by the outpouring of support today. Today is proof that the last year of caution, planning, and preparation was not in vain. Although we've eclipsed the 10,000 mark, we're hoping to RUN through the finish line before we get to work on our exciting new season!

In case you haven't been following along, make sure to visit our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to see the new titles in Season 26!

We'll see you soon!


Hello all! We are so grateful for our final totals which ONLY reflect our donations received online from 7-7 on 3/24/2021. $11,848 - 232 total donations - 104 unique donors !!! We'll see you at the theatre!


About Springfield Contemporary Theatre

Springfield Contemporary Theatre, a non-profit corporation, presents a wide variety of year round productions. SCT is currently located in downtown Springfield, Missouri, at the corner of Pershing Street and Robberson Avenue in Springfield's most immersive venue SCT’s Center Stage at Wilhoit Plaza. Housed from 1995-2012 at the Vandivort Center Theatre, past productions include such landmark area premieres as Hair and The Rocky Horror Show to Nine: The Musical and The Goat or, Who Is Sylvia?

SCT is dedicated to the production of contemporary works and works that can be re-energized through a contemporary view and through an intimate staging while using outstanding directors, local actors and guest professionals throughout the season.

Springfield Contemporary Theatre is a member of Springfield Regional Arts Council and the Downtown Springfield Association.

Springfield Contemporary Theatre


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