Upgrades for our Mission Training Aircraft

We have three "new to us" aircraft that need to be upgraded! By helping us raise $25,000 to replace the avionics system on one of these planes, you can ensure our students training for missionary and humanitarian work remain debt-free.

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Project Overview

The average student training for mission or humanitarian full-time service will graduate with anywhere between $100K-$200K of debt by the time they get their aircraft maintenance and Commercial pilot certification. At SOAR, we have developed a model that provides a way for our students to remain debt-free.

In order to train our students and help them remain debt-free, we use our fleet aircraft as part of their flight and maintenance training. We are in the process of changing over our fleet of aircraft from our current low-wing Piper aircraft to high-wing Cessna aircraft. As part of this project, we have acquired three “new” aircraft for our fleet.

With the vintage of aircraft we have acquired for training purposes, we need to bring the avionics into the 21st century. We will be working with a partner to purchase and install the new equipment at a savings of over $15,000.00 per aircraft, but each one will cost about $25,000 just for the suite of Garmin equipment.



S.O.A.R. - Avionics Campaign

Where did January go? It seems like as soon as the New Year passed us by I was turning the page on my calendar to February!

I’m still completing all of the things I wanted to do to finish out 2018 strong and I’m just now getting around to write you all a note of thanks for your giving to our year-end avionics campaign.

This is the first year we participated in a campaign of this type. We were eligible to participate through the Community Foundation of the Ozarks because of our existing Endowment Fund we established more than a year ago and we wanted to see how it might work out.

We appreciate your gift and I would love to get your feedback on the actual process of giving through this site.

God bless,

Kerrick Tweedy
Executive Director, S.O.A.R.

Service Oriented Aviation Readiness (S.O.A.R.)
4460 Airport Drive
Bolivar, MO 65613

About Service Oriented Aviation Readiness (S.O.A.R.)

Service Oriented Aviation Readiness (S.O.A.R.), a 501(c)3 Missouri nonprofit corporation, is located in Bolivar, Mo., at the Bolivar Municipal Airport (M17). The primary purpose of SOAR is the training and education of aviation mechanics and pilots for mission and humanitarian aviation. Through its curriculum, programs and supervised-experience training, students are prepared and qualified for the progression of testing and certifications. A distinctive attribute of SOAR is that the organization leverages an energized local pilot population and community engaged at a municipal airport to help our students continue a “pay-it-forward” philosophy through which many of the previous generation of pilots were taught to fly.

There are several members of the local community, both directly and indirectly associated with SOAR, who are invested in teaching the next generation of pilots to fly. Just like these pilots were mentored and trained in years gone by, they are interested in making that same investment in others today. After training, students are prepared to apply their skills for full-time mission or humanitarian aviation through a mission agency. 

Service Oriented Aviation Readiness (S.O.A.R.)


Bolivar, Missouri