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We are less than $1,000 away from reaching sustainable funding with our endowment — help us meet our goal!

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Project Overview

Art Feeds has set up an endowment fund to sustain our Carthage programming for the long term, but we are a little less than $1,000 away from our goal and any gift matters! 

Art Feeds provides programming to over 2,200 Carthage Community Children annually. We provide training to school staff, as well as curriculum, supplies, and trained volunteers to implement creative and expressive arts programming. Our programs promote self worth, self efficacy, creative problem solving, and improve mental and emotinal wellness. Consistent programming is provided to every student in Steadley Elementary, Fairview Elementary, Columbian Elementary, Pleasant Valley Elementary and Mark Twain Elementary. Additionally, Art Feeds programming is used in small focus groups at Carthage Early Childhood and the Intermediate Building. 


Our programs, as described by Art Teacher Mrs. Alexandra Burnside at Fairview Elementary:

My students adore Art Feeds and ask me every week if we’ll be having Art Feeds during specials this week. One student in particular was affected by the “artist of the week” stickers. His Mom told me this story at our Fall Scholastic Book Fair, “(My child) has never been very eager to draw or make art-type activities. After coming home with the Artist of the Week sticker, he has completely changed his attitude about art. First, we noticed that we was saving the sticker and putting it on his shirt each morning following his Art Feeds day. Second, suddenly he is drawing at home and expressing himself creatively in a way we’ve never seen. He mentioned that it’s not only the people who draw best that are artists, but the people who are nice and help others too. Thank you for making him feel creative and loved.” Children love the activities and REALLY love having ownership of their own supplies and Art Feeds Art Pack.


We appreciate every gift to help in our goal of sustainable funding! 


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About Art Feeds

Art Feeds believes that all children are curious, imaginative, creative, innovative and our greatest resource. To fuel these valuable skills, we provide free therapeutic art and creative education programs within schools & children’s organizations through training, curriculum and art supplies. 

Art Feeds programming in Carthage currently serves every student in Pleasant Valley, Mark Twain, Steadley, Fairview and Columbian Elementary schools. Programming is also used by the Carthage Early Childhood Center and for a club at the Intermediate School, totaling in over 2,200 students in the Carthage area. 

Art Feeds

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