Boost Up the Baby Hub for 2019

Help us continue the Baby Hub program through 2019! This program of Diaper Bank of the Ozarks combines educational and material resources for families in need under one roof in neighborhoods where these services are most needed, creating a safe space and growing healthy relationships.

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Pledge Incentives

$10.00 Level

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$10.00 will supply the Baby Hub nursery with diapers for one month.

$25.00 Level

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$25.00 provides one nursery worker for one Baby Hub session. Your donation puts us $25 closer to our goal! Please consider sharing our project on your social media channels to help add to our momentum

$50.00 Level

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$50.00 provides diapers to be used as incentives for up to 40 parents that attend Baby Hub sessions. Your generous donation puts us $50 closer to our goal! Please plan on returning to this page to check our project’s progress as we near our deadline.

$100.00 Level

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$100.00 provides a meal for a group (25+ attendees) at a Baby Hub session. Your generous donation puts us $100 closer to our goal! Please plan on returning to this page to check our project’s progress as we near our deadline.

Project Overview

My name is Jill Bright and I am the Executive Director of the Diaper Bank of the Ozarks. During the past year we have focused more attention on a holistic approach with families experiencing "diaper need" and seeking assistance with diapers. Too often for young families living in poverty, parenting skills are passed down from generation to generation and do not include new, safer and different techniques being researched and taught across our nation. The lack of reliable and cost-effective transportation creates a barrier for many to reach out to agencies offering assistance, which are mostly found on the south and east sides of Springfield. For a variety of reasons, many living in these neighborhoods do not socialize or form relationships with their neighbors. Their's is a life of isolation.

The Baby Hub concept is developed to break down these barriers and to promote healthy relationships, both at home and in the community. It eliminates transportation problems. Educational sessions begin with a family meal, then adults break into groups for discussion with topics that are always relevant and supportive. During that time, babies and toddlers are involved in activities allowing them to experience fun, socialization and learning. Diapers are given as incentives for class attendance.

In the video, young mother Cassie talks about the support she receives from the group each week. She describes it as being "like family." She finds the topics are varied each week but always very relevant and helpful to her everyday life.

As we move into 2019, we will be surveying the needs of our families living in poverty, seeking more locations, adding more educational sessions, creating more learning opportunities for the little ones in our nursery areas and providing more diapers to keep our babies healthy and happy. We’ll watch as parents grow stronger, relationships and friendships blossom in the neighborhoods and children laugh, play and have fun together.

Our goal for this year-end appeal is to raise $5,000 to assist our Baby Hub program as we move into 2019. We will provide meals to share, cover the costs of childcare workers and any training they need, and purchase diapers for incentives. We are reaching out to YOU to be a HERO in the lives of our families. Help us to set a powerful foundation for these young parents, to set down positive roots for mothers and fathers while they await the birth of their child, to replace negativity with hope, to build new friendships, to begin the path to become the HEROES and role models for their little ones.

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About Diaper Bank of the Ozarks

We do not live in a 3rd World country and yet, here in the Ozarks we hear way too many accounts of babies bought into the doctor’s office in a soiled and sopping wet diaper.  Nurses are providing a clean diaper but know that this may be the only diaper change for these babies today.  This little known concern is called “Diaper Need” and it spreads throughout our nation.  We are all too aware that families struggle to put enough food on the table.  For these families diapers for their babies have become a luxury rather than a necessity.  1 in 3 families have trouble providing an adequate supply of diapers for their babies.

How did this happen?  The average cost of disposable diapers for one baby is $60-80 a month (almost $1,000 a year).  None of the government assistance programs (SNAP and WIC) assist with the purchase of diapers.  They are a clothing item and not food.  Many of these families do not have good transportation and they often run to the corner convenience store for a small package of diapers.  Even if transportation is available, coming up with $25-40 dollars for the economy pack is not an option.  That small package of diapers is twice the cost at the corner store and the small number of diapers, even when stretched to the limit, will only last a few days.

The result…..babies are left in dirty, wet diapers for way too long.  Mothers often rinse out and reuse soiled and wet diapers resulting in skin rashes, infections, discomfort, crying and poor sleep.   For the parents the results are feelings of inadequacy, depression, stress and situations of abuse and neglect can occur.  For a parent to be able to work many of the daycare providers require a daily or weekly supply of diapers.

Diaper Bank of the Ozarks is established to keep our babies healthy and happy by providing access to diapers for families in need in our community and through education concerning alternative diapering options that promote health and financial responsibility.


Diaper Bank of the Ozarks

Springfield, Missouri