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Springfield Police Department has had their training funding cut by HALF for 2021 due to the economic impact of COVID-19. The pressure to provide quality education, training, and equipment leans even heavier on the Springfield Police Foundation. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW MORE THAN EVER.

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Project Overview

Help us reach our $10,000 Goal this Summer!
The Springfield Police Department was able to celebrate the retirement of 7, 25 year officers this Spring. These officers were supervisors and commanders. We are so thankful for their service to our Community. 
This is an exciting time because with retirement comes new beginnings of officers climbing the ranks to serve our community. We have 19 new detectives moving into important roles. We are very excited to see them succeed! 
It is also a scary time for our police force considering our city's budget cuts due to COVID-19. 
Seven commanders and supervisors that each had 25 years of experience are no longer available to help our officers in their new roles. The SPD has needs for supervisor training, new investigator training, interrogation training, processing evidence training, safety equipment and so much more that may not be possible without your help through the Springfield Police Foundation. 
These new supervisors require training and education to effectively do their jobs.
Sadly, the budget cuts to our police could not have come at a worse time for our police department.
COVID-19 did not allow the Springfield Police Foundation to have our late Spring/Early Summer Fundraiser like we have had for the last 3 Summers. Our fundraiser is only 1 of 2 we do each year and has devasted our fund to provide for our Springfield Police Department. 
We need your help.
With the budget cuts for 2021 the Springfield Police Foundation needs your help more than ever to provide important training and education, as well as equipment our city cannot provide. 
Our community is amazing. Our city is amazing. Our budget doesn’t always allow the funding our police need.
The Springfield Police Foundation would not exist if the police had unlimitied funds at their disposal through our city budget. 
Truth is, our police don’t have what they always need. The Springfield Police Foundation is here to fill that gap! 
Springfield Police Foundation exists to help provide 3 critical elements:
We can’t think of three more important elements that our police need NOW more than EVER. Our police are counting on us to provide for their needs to do their jobs well, effectively, safely and for our community. 
If you feel so led to give to Springfield Police Foundation we can’t think of a better time to provide these 3 elements to our officers and help us reach our Summer goal! 


The Springfield Police Foundation was established in 2015 in Springfield, Missouri. Our mission is to provide critical resources for innovative programs that support the mission of the Springfield Police Department and enhance our community.
The vision of the foundation is to foster public safety through community building, education and outreach. The Springfield Police Foundation is a broad based community non-profit that provides resources to support the needs of the Springfield Police Department.
The Springfield Police Foundation exists to provide crucial elements for our men and women in uniform. EDUCATION * TRAINING * EQUIPMENT 
Our city, Springfield, MO, is a wonderful place to live. We have to credit that to our city officials and our police department. The city cannot always provide everything our police need. That is why the Springfield Police Foundation was founded. With SPF's funding, our men and women in blue can safely do their jobs and serve our community in the best way possible.
The SPF has raised over $227,000 since 2015 for our Springfield Police Department. 
We have been able to help build trust in our community through more training and education, create more transparency and safety with equipment, and create a bridge for citizens and police to work together


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About Springfield Police Foundation

The Springfield Police Foundation was formed as a 501c3 organization in 2015 to support the important and difficult work of the Springfield Police Department through the donation of funds.  The Foundation supports programs, initiatives and projects that are strategically focused to complement the Department’s policing strategies and ensure the highest level of police service to the Springfield community.  In fact, the Foundation's Mission Statement is "To solicit, receive, administer and expend funds for law enforcement beyond the realm of traditional resources".

Springfield Police Foundation

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