Be the One! Give a Child a Voice

Meet the Saunders family. They know first-hand the difference a CASA Advocate can make for children in foster care. Their CASA, Sarah Thompson, was the voice in the court room for the children in their care.

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Pledge Incentives

$50.00 Level

27 Supporters

Your donation of $50 will provide the training manual, background check, and fingerprints for a volunteer to become a CASA Advocate.

$100.00 Level

20 Supporters

Your donation of $100 will provide a CASA Advocate for a child or sibling group in foster care. With a CASA Advocate by their side, it is proven that children spend less time in foster care, do better in school, and get out of foster care more quickly!

$500.00 Level

1 Supporter

Your generous donation of $500 will provide on-going professional development and supervision for a CASA Advocate for three months. To become a CASA Advocate, volunteers complete 30 hours of training and are sworn in by the Judge. They are required to complete an additional 12 hours of training each year.

$1,000.00 Level

1 Supporter

Your generous donation of $1,000 will provide a child or a sibling group with a CASA Advocate for one year. On average, children are in foster care for two years. Often many of the people involved with the case will change but the CASA will remain consistent. Children with a CASA assigned will exit foster care more quickly than those without a CASA.

Project Overview

Will you be the one? The one to help CASA reach every child in foster care!  There are nearly 1,000 children in foster care in Greene and Christian Counties right now. Our goal is to assign a CASA to every child who enters foster care. On average, there are 35 children entering foster care each month in Greene County. We typically get 10 applications per month from people who want to serve as a CASA to a foster child. This means we have a large number of foster children who are going unserved each month. CASA is seeking funds (and volunteers) to close this gap.

When a child has a CASA advocate assigned to their case, the child is more likely to perform better in school because the CASA is checking in on them and ensuring they are on track with their academics. A CASA can assist the child in getting an IEP or 504 plan, or extra tutoring to help them excel. When a child has a CASA, the child is more likely to have stability in their foster or relative home because of the consistent advocacy the CASA can provide, ensuring the child’s mental or physical health needs are being cared for. When a child has a CASA, the child is more likely to exit the foster care system more quickly into a safe, permanent and loving home. This, again, is due to the consistency and advocacy our CASAs can provide to children.

CASA of Southwest Missouri is set apart from other organizations because we are one of a kind. We are the only agency that provides a court-appointed advocate for children in foster care. We partner with other child welfare agencies, who are providing services to abused and neglected children. However, we are the only agency that does the work that we do. Because of that, children in foster care see and feel the difference in our organization. We are often the most consistent person on a foster child’s case (our CASAs are assigned when a child enters foster care and stay with the child until they exit foster care). There is a lot of turnover in child welfare, and our CASAs ensure continuity of care for the child and also that the child does not fall through the cracks of the system. In addition, CASAs are the only non-paid person in a foster child’s life.

Be the one! The one to step up and help us make sure that a child doesn't go through the difficult journey of foster care alone!




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About CASA of Southwest Missouri (Springfield)

As Court Appointed Special Advocates, CASA of Southwest Missouri advocates for the best interests of abused and neglected children in the foster care system by recruiting and training community volunteers. When a CASA volunteer is appointed to a child's case, the CASA takes time to find out as much as possible about that child. CASA advocates review records, interview family, relatives, teachers, service providers, and - most importantly - the child. These volunteers then appear in court, alongside attorneys and caseworkers, to recommend to a judge what's best for the child's future. We know that a child who is represented by a CASA advocate stands a better chance of living in a safe, permanent home. Independent research has demonstrated that children with a CASA are substantially less likely to spend time in long-term foster care and less likely to re-enter foster care due to repeated abuse.

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