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Help us create a mural on the square!

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Project Overview

Vision Carthage continues the mission of beautifying Carthage by using art work to tell the story of Carthagininahs who have made our community and our world a better place! 

Andy Thomas, Carthage native, created a stunning mural design depicting our rich history of beautiful homes, the courthouse, and our famous Carthaginians.

After extensive repairs following a fire in 2013, the east side of McBrides Antiques on the Square is a blank canvas ready to tell the Carthage story to residents and travelers for years to come!  

We're thrilled to beautify the exterior of a historic downtown building while celebrating Carthage with bold, creative artwork.

Won't you join us in launching our campaign to raise funds for the creation of the mural?



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About Vision Carthage

Planning for the future development and implementation of the revitalization of Carthage based on the community studies.

Vision Carthage is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Missouri and registered with the IRS as a 501 c 3 organization with a active Board of Directors, elected officers and enacted by-laws. 

A few ideas and priorities:

• Increased signage at Central & Garrison to further note the historical significance of Route 66. Ideas include street inlays, street stencils and/or sidewalk mile markers.
• Sidewalk improvements beginning downtown and extending throughout the city. We feel these improvements will be more welcoming to disabled residents and visitors as well as further encourage foot traffic and healthy family lifestyles. Projects include better defined crosswalks possibly with brick inlay, improve or replace sidewalks for general safety and work to add walking and biking trails to extend out to established recreational areas, Fairview Sports Complex and Municipal Park.
• Welcome signage located on east side of Hwy 96 (Kellogg Lake), west side of Central Ave at Hwy 71 by-pass, South Grand Ave (EL Charro) and possibly at Fir Rd and Hwy 71 by-pass. All signs would have similar welcome to Carthage branding and utilize Carthage stone. 
• Attractive Streetscaping that may include: trees in the sidewalks and landscaping, hanging baskets along streets & square, music on the square, banners on the light post that are appropriate for the season or activity, benches on the square and Christmas lights on all main thoroughfares
• Increased signage and turn by turn directions on Route 66 and promotion of the Jasper County Courthouse Route 66 Museum.
• Promote history and visibility of Route 66 & Jefferson Hwy.
• Re-evaluating and promoting zoning and façade plan for downtown and Square. 
• Extending sidewalks on the North, South & West sides of the square
• Connecting a walking trail to the west side of Carthage through town and to Kellogg Lake area