Camp Whole Kids - Sponsor a Camper, Sponsor a Counselor!

Give the gift of summer camp to a child in need - or a teen who needs a job!

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$10.00 Level

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No gift is too small! Your gift of $10 will give a Camp Whole Kids camper breakfast, lunch and snacks for a day...or provide feed for one of our horse friends who teach kids trust, respect and love. Every donation of any size increases our project's momentum and takes us closer to our goal.

$50.00 Level

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Your donation of $50 will sponsor one camper OR a teen counselor for ONE DAY at Camp Whole Kids - a day filled with laughter, adventure and growth! Please consider sharing our project on your social media channels to help add to our momentum.

$100.00 Level

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Your donation of $100 will sponsor one camper AND their teen counselor for ONE DAY at Camp Whole Kids... giving kids a chance to be kids, and giving teens (our future community leaders) a chance to grow! Please plan on returning to this page to check our project’s progress as we near our deadline.

$250.00 Level

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Give the Gift of Camp Whole Kids - FOR A WEEK! Your generous gift of $250 will sponsor a camper or a teen counselor for ONE WEEK of Camp Whole Kids. Invest in our kids, invest in our community, invest in their lives! Please SHARE our campaign with your family and friends - and encourage them to add their support.

Project Overview

Camp Whole Kids provides a safe, fun five-week summer day camp experience for children ages 4-12 to build life-long memories, lasting friendships, and important life skills. Activities include daily swimming and horse riding lessons, arts and crafts, theme activities (like ropes courses and wall climbing) and fresh, nutritious meals and snacks. Importantly, Camp Whole Kids provides parents a safe, wholesome daycare option that enables them to continue providing for their families when day care options are slim.

Camp Whole Kids also offers local teens the opportunity to build job skills and life experiences as summer camp counselors and volunteers. Each counselor learns the importance of leadership with compassion, setting and achieving goals, and taking responsibility for their young charges. These skills and experiences prepare them for success in their adult lives.

Camp Whole Kids focuses on activities and interactions that make each child feel important, loved and connected to each other...all of which are essential to decreasing the daunting impact of poverty and the social and geographical isolation that many of our campers experience.

Camp Whole Kids serves over 65 campers and hires more than 25 summer camp counselors every summer. More than 95% of Whole Kids Outreach's families live below the poverty level, so we offer a sliding scale fee schedule so every child has the chance to come to camp. We pay a competitive wage to our counselors, enabling them to save for school and help provide for their families.

However, every year many children are unable to become a Camp Whole Kids camper because even the lowest fee of $20/child/week is outside a family's reach.

Whole Kids depends on the generosity of friends to ensure that every child who wants to be a Camp Whole Kid camper can come to camp, no matter their ability to pay!

You can help by sponsoring a Camp Whole Kids camper or counselor for Summer Camp 2018!

A gift of $250 will sponsor one child for a week of Camp Whole Kids, providing swimming and riding lessons, arts and crafts, a Camp Whole Kids tshirt, and all meals and snacks - plus the summer camp experience of a lifetime.

A gift of $250 will sponsor one Camp Whole Kids counselor, providing job skills training, a highly-competitive wage and invaluable job experience that will serve this young person well as they begin their adult careers.

Give the gift of Camp Whole Kids!


Thank You!

To everyone who supported our April crowdfunding Campership Drive - THANK YOU! Because of you, 3-4 kiddos will be able to come to Camp Whole Kids this summer - You helped change their lives!

Although we fell a bit short of our stated project goal, we are receiving many mailed donations as we continue our drive into June. Thank you for kicking off our first crowdfunding project, and please - come and visit Camp Whole Kids during camp and see your gifts at work!!!

We appreciate you!

Sister Anne and the Whole Kids Staff

About Whole Kids Outreach

Whole Kids Outreach

Whole Kids Outreach is a faith-based, not-for-profit organization committed to addressing the unmet health and developmental needs of pregnant women/teens and children within their family structures.

Poverty compounded by isolation creates unthinkable challenges for families and often these challenges – and the outcomes they create – are repeated from one generation to the next, leaving little hope for better futures. The children are at the heart of these challenges and are the ones who suffer most.

In southeastern Missouri, there is a hidden pocket of poverty where thousands of families are trying to manage the challenges of isolation and poverty on their own. Whole Kids Outreach is there to help. The WKO service area includes the Missouri counties of Butler, Carter, Iron, Reynolds, Shannon and Wayne and encompasses nearly 5,000 square miles.

We are there to help, because in our area …

… one-third of the children live in poverty.

… the rate of births to teen mothers is more than 50% higher than the state of Missouri overall.

… child abuse and neglect occurs in the area at a rate 30% higher than in the state as a whole.

… the children need us.


Through Healthy Family America and nursing home visits as well as center-based programs at the Whole Kids Outreach Center in Ellington, Missouri, WKO has been serving hundreds of families since 1999. 



Whole Kids Outreach

Ellington, Missouri