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Dickerson Park Zoo cares for more than 500 animals at the zoo's animal hospital; and, cares for hundreds of wild raptors brought to the zoo's wildlife rehab program. The animal hospital needs a subzero freezer, which will preserve and protect blood, tissue and priceless biological samples for life.

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$10.00 Level

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$10 that's a lot of animal love for about the cost of two lattes! Plus, every donation helps move us closer to providing a subzero freezer for the Dickerson Park Zoo Animal Hospital.

$25.00 Level

17 Supporters

Your $25 donation helps Dickerson Park Zoo protect the animals in our care and animals in the wild. You can also help by sharing Chilling at the Zoo on your social media channels!

$50.00 Level

8 Supporters

With a $50 donation, we're getting warmer to our goal of a -80 degree freezer for the animal hospital. Thank you!

$100.00 Level

15 Supporters

$100! For lions, tigers and bears. Oh my does this help us reach our goal of providing a subzero (-80 degree) freezer for the zoo's animal hospital. Thank you!

Project Overview

Caring for the animals at the zoo, and animals in the wild, is at the heart of Dickerson Park Zoo's mission. At the zoo's animal hospital, the veterinarian staff cares for more than 500 animals. From the tinest frog to the largest elephant, the staff provides each animal with yearly checkups, routine exams and emergency procedures as needed.

A much-needed piece of equipment is a Panasonic Ultra Low Freezer. This isn't your typical freezer! This is a -80 degree/subzero freezer. With this freezer, the Dickerson Park Zoo Animal Hospital will have reliable, long-term storage of zoological samples (blood, tissue, semen, all biological samples) for life.

This scientific possiblities are remarkable: research to care for species not yet born, blood banks for premature infants, species survival in the wild, etc. 

So whether you're an animal lover (and who isn't?) a science geek, or both; please, help us reach our goal. We are aiming high ($10,000) to go low (-80).



You're all really chill!

Wow! Thank you everyone for donating to Chilling at the Zoo; what a cool thing to do to help animals. This freezer means a lot to our animal care staff and provides a lot of opportunities for research, preventative care and care for animals years to come. Your support of Dickerson Park Zoo and this project is greatly appreciated.
As we get closer to April 30, and the end of Cause Momentum, it's important to keep chilling. In other words, please share our link and your interest in our project on your social media channels.

We couldn't ZOO it without you.
Thank you!


Thank you everyone! We just hit our goal of $10,000!!! And, we were the first agency in the Cause Momentum campaign to reach their goal. I wish all of you could have seen our veterinarian's face when he heard the news. Please know how much this means to the zoo and the care of animals for decades to come. Thank you!


About Friends of the Zoo

Friends of the Zoo (FOZ) is the nonprofit support organization of Springfield's Dickerson Park Zoo. Our mission mirrors that of the zoo: to connect people with animals to create adventures that encourage discovery and inspire conservation action.


One of Friends of the Zoo's largest contributions to the continued success of Dickerson Park Zoo is by staffing and funding the Conservation Education Department. Within this department staff and docents (volunteer teachers) reach tens of thousands of children and adults through on-grounds interactions, classes and outreach programs.


The Friends of the Zoo membership program is one way supporters can contribute to the organization. However, additional in-park operations and fundraising activities are necessary to provide the funding needed for FOZ to provide much-needed staffing, activities, programs and amenities at Dickerson Park Zoo.

Friends of the Zoo

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