Help Chocolate University Build A Classroom in Tanzania

Chocolate University students want to build a new classroom for the 1,400-student Mabubu Elementary School in remote Tanzania this August.

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Your gift of $1 or more will make an impact. Every donation of any size increases our project's momentum and takes us closer to our goal. That means for every $1 donated to this project, a private donor will match $1 up to $5,700, meaning you can essentially double the impact of your gift if we reach our goal.

Project Overview

There is a small village in remote Tanzania called Mababu in the foothills of the Livingstone Mountains on Lake Nyassa. This is the place where  some of our cocoa beans come from in Kyela. This is an area that is deeply impoverished. Our CU students will stay in the village on the lake this August. We will be working with farmers and young students in the nearby Mababu Elementary School. The school has a total of 1,411 students and only 8 class rooms, each class accommodating 171 at least. They have a problem of congestion in the classrooms, but building a classroom costs $5,700.

Our Chocolate University students are now attempting to raise this money as we want to provide a new classroom for this school (pictures above). We have a donor who will MATCH this fund if we can reach our goal of $5,700, so that TWO new classrooms can be funded.

NOTE:  Our students are NOT building this classroom, but instead local workers from Mababu will be able to earn the money, thereby keeping it local. 

About Chocolate University:

We founded Chocolate University when we started the chocolate factory in 2007. Learn more about it here. At Askinosie Chocolate, we believe that exposing young people to the developing world on short-term trips has the potential to change the world. The success of these trips can best be summed up by one student in particular who chose to take a gap year after graduation to return to Tanzania and work with in the village. 


we're so grateful to you . . .

Dear Donors,

Just a short note to thank you all so much for your donation to the Mababu Classroom Project in Tanzania! We met our goal today thanks to you!!! What's even better is that our anonymous donor will match the money raised in this campaign so now we can fund TWO classrooms for these kids.

This is very exciting as we leave for Tanzania with the student group in less than 3 weeks.

On behalf of Chocolate University - thank you!

Shawn Askinosie

Thank you so much!

Shawn and the crew recently left Tanzania: Check out our Facebook page for photos of what your donations were able to accomplish!


About Chocolate University

Shortly after the first chocolate bar rolled out of the Askinosie Chocolate factory, we began seeking opportunities to involve the community, specifically students, in our bean to bar adventure. We didn’t have to look too far to see the Missouri Hotel, Springfield’s largest homeless shelter, was only one block away from the factory on Commercial Street. As many as 80 children sleep there on any given night, and many of them attend schools within walking distance of our factory. We were inspired to begin a program that would involve young people from our community in our small, international business, and the idea for Chocolate University was born.

Chocolate University (CU) is an experiential learning program with a worldwide reach for local students. The goal is to inspire students through the lens of artisan chocolate making to be global citizens and embrace the idea that business(es) can solve world problems. We involve neighborhood students from Boyd Elementary, Pipkin Middle School and local high schools in our business through visits to their classrooms, field trips to our factory, updates from origin, visits to origin and much more. The goal is not for these students to become bystanders during a lecture on chocolate making. It’s to provide them with a hands-on experience that takes them from the inner-workings of the factory to the cocoa bean farms across the world.

Chocolate University

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