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Advocacy and Connection to Change a Child's Story

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$10.00 Level

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Your gift of $10 or more will make an impact! To help children heal and thrive, our Advocates do crafts, bake, help with homework and life skills, and just spend time talking. Your donation will help us buy supplies and equipment for them to use. Your donations helps us increase the comfort level of interaction between advocates and children to produce long-lasting life changes.

$25.00 Level

2 Supporters

Your donation puts us $25 closer to our goal! Please consider sharing our project on your social media channels to help add to our momentum. Your donation will help buy chairs, tables, supplies and games for advocates to use while building trusted relationships with children who need a consistent adult.

$50.00 Level

6 Supporters

Your generous donation puts us $50 closer to our goal of buying gathering space furniture and the kitchen equipment that our advocates and childrens will use as they spend time together - bringing connection, healing, and normalcy to the lives of children impacted by child abuse and neglect.

$100.00 Level

4 Supporters

Your generous donation puts us $100 closer to our goal! Thank you for supporting our volunteers -- the most amazing people in the world -- by giving them the furniture and tools they need for one-on-one time with their court appointed children. All children long to spend time in a safe, cozy setting talking and laughing with the trusted adults in their lives, and for many children, our advocates are their only consistent and trusted adult during their time in foster care.

Project Overview

We are building a permanent space for Jasper County CASA which will positively alter our community by making our organization’s goal to provide an advocate for each child in foster care even more attainable.

We are quickly outgrowing our current location and are unable to provide a space for our volunteers and children to interact and play. We need a space that will accommodate our ever-growing training and staffing needs; however more importantly, a permanent home for CASA will provide a place of connection, healing, and normalcy to the lives of children impacted by child abuse and neglect.

 At our house, children who have struggled to feel safe during their lives will be able to spend time in a cozy setting talking and laughing with their advocates. This home will increase the comfort level of interaction between advocates and children to produce long-lasting life changes. When building relationships with children to advocate for their best interests, our volunteers need access to private spaces for confidential conversations. With many of these children living in busy foster homes with several other people, it is difficult for the CASA and child to find locations to have important conversations. Our children need confidentiality to feel safe. 

Nearly all of the children served by Jasper County CASA have endured some form of trauma that impacts their sense of safety, and many of them have never experienced the warmth of an inviting home environment. Constant crisis thwarts dreaming of the future, but at the new location, children will be surrounded by safety, consistency, and support so their dreams can be nurtured and encouraged. Providing a location that is safe, comfortable, and designed with their needs in mind will be significant in their healing process.

 Our volunteers who advocate for younger children have expressed the important need for outdoor and indoor spaces where their children can be carefree. Our advocates with older youth would love to teach their teens key life skills most of us take for granted, such as cooking or how to study. A consistent, centralized location where advocates, parents, guardians, and children know that they can safely grow, learn, and play will put their minds at ease. 

 The new location will provide a space for volunteer safety and security as well as flexibility for training and on-going support. Advocates will be prepared to listen, help, and voice the best interests of the children because of the knowledge and experience they gain through training. Our space will provide a place for volunteers to come learn together and encourage one another.

 In addition to providing support for our volunteers and the children they serve, establishing our own place in the community will help push us forward by providing permanency for our program and ultimately the kids we serve. Increased visibility in the community will enhance our ability to recruit additional advocates and help us progress toward our goal of providing an advocate for every child in foster care by 2024. This location will be a visible, positive symbol – a reflection of the caring individuals who champion for their children far into the future.

 The interior will include office space for six employees; a multipurpose area with play areas, storage, and multimedia ready training/meeting space; a fully functional kitchen area with appliances which will serve as a space for advocates to cook and bake with their children; a lounge area for staff to collaborate, CASAs to draw or do activities with their kids, and older youth to have  conversational seating areas to hang out with their CASAs.


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About Jasper County CASA

Jasper County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) was formed in 2018 by 2 volunteers to support and advocate for children who have been abused and neglected and are in foster care. We are a non-profit with an active and involved Board of Directors, strong community support, and the most amazing volunteers imaginable. Our mission is to recruit, train, and support volunteers (CASAs), with the ultimate goal of helping children find a safe, permanent home. Giving a child a CASA provides them a compassionate, consistent, and trusted adult who cares, listens, and puts the child’s interests before all others. CASAs help abused children heal and thrive. Since we started training in January 2019, we have trained 64 volunteers who are advocating for 137 children. Our Board has set the goal of having a CASA for every child by 2024 - a very big goal as there are over 450 children in foster in our county. 

We are building a permanent location for our program. The new building will be our office, training center, and place for volunteers to meet with their court-appointed children. This will be a space where kids feel safe, volunteers feel welcome, and our staff can effectively execute the mission. This warm, inviting location will provide a place of connection, healing, and normalcy to the lives of Jasper County children shattered by abuse and neglect. Efficient use of common areas and equipment will allow for both play and learning for all who use the facility. This new location for CASA will be powerful to our goal of an advocate for every child in foster care by 2024. The visible, accessible location will be a strong recruiting and fundraising asset. The location, vacant since the 2011 tornado, is close to the library, walking areas, and the Juvenile Court building.

Jasper County CASA

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