Continuing to serve the Recovery community amidst a pandemic.

Designed to assist those affected by Poverty, Substance Use Disorder, or Mental Health Disorders, and their families; to find vital resource opportunities and equip each member of the family with necessary skills or services needed to move past obstacles and barriers into a self-empowered, productive life.

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Pledge Incentives

$15.00 Level

3 Supporters

Your gift of $15 or more will make an impact. Every donation of any size increases our project's momentum and brings help to others. Your donation will contribute to the acquisition of vital documents for our participants allowing access to employment and entering into treatment services.

$25.00 Level

4 Supporters

Your donation puts us $25 closer to our goal of acquiring the needed equipment and appliances to implement nutrition educational programming to build and encourage needed life skills.

$50.00 Level

4 Supporters

Your generous donation puts us $50 will provide 1 month of Art instruction to the participants to promote healthy coping skills and improve healthy self expression.

$100.00 Level

5 Supporters

Your generous donation of $100 aids us in creating a healthy, clean and relaxing surroundings. Our facility provides a nurturing environment that provides services conducive to supporting long-term, sustainable recovery. Your donation increases our perpetuation of support for our service area as a Recovery Outreach Community Center (ROCC) providing necessary services to our in-need population.

Project Overview

What you can find at the ROCC is a safe, warm atmosphere with staff who care about your needs and goals. We have a long list of meetings and support groups available to anyone for any number of reasons. Drugs and alcohol, Mental Health Recovery and Medically Assisted Recovery programming.

The ROCC is a centralized starting point to bridge the gap between community resources and those in need. Our goal is to reach any member of our community to act as a conduit to the support services they need with professional recommendations and alliances.

We are partnered with Professional Clinical Recovery Services, Faith Based Organizations, Government Support Agencies, District Courts, Probation and Parole as well as local NA & AA Groups.

Surmounting Barriers to Recovery

We continue to provide support for each area of recovery including assistance acquiring Vital Documents (Birth Certificates, State and Social Security Identifcations), removing barriers to securing treatment and recovery services as welll as employment opportunities. Your donation will contribute to our participants obtaining those documents allowing them access to much needed supports.

Life Skills Training

We are in process of procuring the equipment and appliances necessary to teach basic life skills, such as meal preparation. Along with the implementation of nutritional education, these participants can learn to become self-reliant in an area of life that may have never been present. These types of trainings encourages personal automomy and replaces unhealthy behaviors with positive alternatives.

Coping Skills and Self-Expression

Your generous donation will support classes to help our particpants develop healthy coping and life skills. Examples of this would be our weekly yoga classes or artistic self-expression classes which are open to any community member seeking recovery from substance use or mental illness.

Nurturing and Supportive Environment

Here at the Recovery Outreach Community Center (The ROCC) we provide necessary services to our in-need population and their families. Access is critical to success. Our facility provides an environment that provides services conducive to supporting long-term, sustainable recovery. Your donation increases the perpetuation of that support and increases the opportunities for those still in need. From June to Dec. 2020 we recorded 1,978 persons accessing our facility for services and support. We are serving our community with compassion and care, planting seeds and nourishing the growth of hope and change.

Supporting Families

We support healthy families by providing classes like the "Good Dads" to help fathers build or rebuild relationships with their children and coparent effectively with other caregivers of their children. We are also implementing a Community Reinforcement and Family Training program to support the families of those in recovery. We also host supervised visitation to support families working toward reunification in cases with children's services.

We thank you all for your support.



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About ASCENT Recovery Residences/The ROCC

The purpose of the Recovery Outreach Community Center (ROCC) is to provide Peer Recovery Support Services to those in need by partnering and leveraging recources to strenghten individuals, preserve families, and build strong communities through peer empowerment in education, community outreach, and social support systems. Our goal is to foster programs that alleviate the stigma and obstacles of an individual and their families recovering from the effects of substance use disorder, mental health disorder and those struggling with other barriers. This will be accomplished by organizing education and training programs intended to combat the problems assiciated with sustaining long-term recovery.

ASCENT Recovery Residences/The ROCC

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