Expand Anti-Racist, LGBTQ+ Inclusive Campus Ministry!

UMHE invests deeply in the faith life, academic success, and leadership development of young adults who have been told they don't fit, by church and society. We invite them to know the fullness of God's love for them and to live their calling boldly and authentically. Will you invest in them too?

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Pledge Incentives

$10.00 Level

13 Supporters

Supporter: Your gift of $10 or more supports our life-giving work with students and allows us to provide programming that challenges narratives that exclude and harm many students. As a supporter, you are helping us say to all students, you are worthy, you are beloved, and your life and experience matter!

$25.00 Level

10 Supporters

Builder: We are building beloved community that is anti-racist and inclusive of marginalized groups. Your donation of $25 helps us to build that community in ways that are sustainable and impactful.

$50.00 Level

6 Supporters

Sustainer: The work of increasing diversity and inclusion in institutions takes years. We've been doing it for 60 years now and don't plan to stop anytime soon. Your gift of $50 or more sustains our ministry for the long haul!

$100.00 Level

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Champion: We are developing diverse, culturally competent leaders who will change the world. A gift of $100 or more can subsidize a trip to the Interfaith Leadership Institute or some other life changing experience. A gift of this level makes you a champion for student leadership development!

Project Overview

It seems that the people of our nation are more polarized right now than ever before, to the point where even simple public health measures have been politicized and used as a tool for division. The dual pandemics of 2020, the Coronavirus and the shameless attempt at normalizing racist policies and white supremacist structures, have been detrimental to the daily lives and educational experience of many college students. Now is the time to invest in developing strong leaders who, as the Missouri State Public Affairs mission says, are culturally competent, community engaged, ethical leaders. 

UMHE is committed to the nurture and development of these leaders. With the help of generous donors like you, we are able to: 

*Conduct ongoing outreach on all Springfield campuses to identify and connect with students of diversity who have struggled to find places of belonging

*Hold weekly young adult led worship services that affirm God's love for all people, explore the call to follow Jesus as do-ers of justice and makers of peace, and teach spiritual practices that sustain the young adult's life of faith

*Offer regular vocational discernment retreats that help students discover the ways that God and the world are calling them to serve

*Take every student who wants to go to the Interfaith Leadership Institute in Chicago for a weekend of learning among the most religiously, ethnically, and racially diverse group of people most of our students have ever encountered. Several of our students have said this was the most impactful experience of their college career. 

*Host and/or lead speaker events, workshops, panel discussions, and more with the goal of raising awareness for LGBTQ+ Inclusion, Interfaith Cooperation, and Anti-Racism/Dismantling White Supremacy efforts. 

This is just a short list of the things that we do to develop diverse leaders of faith to make a much needed difference in our world today and their world tomorrow. We are incredibly grateful for your interest and pray that you will consider partnership with us in developing diverse leaders for our common future. 




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About United Ministries in Higher Education (Ekklesia Campus Ministry)

UMHE has been serving the college campuses in Springfield since 1961. The ministry is historically affiliated with four Christian denoinations: the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the United Church of Christ, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Presbyterian Church (USA). Our mission is two-fold: to nurture young adults in their faith, helping them integrate their faith into their academic and vocational experiences; and to influence the campus community as a whole to be a more just, safe, and welcoming place for all people.

We nurture students in their and assist them with vocational discernment through weekly activites such as worship, discussion groups, and informal dinner gatherings, where students share their lives with one another and often end up in deep spiritual conversation. Retreats, service trips, and other outings get students our of their everyday routine just enough to allow them to hear God and the world calling them into who they will become. We do our work, as much as possible, in connection with local churches, because these students will graduate and become leaders in local churches. Leadership development is an important part of our programming. 

In our effort to positively influence the campus community to increase diversity and inclusion, we organize our engagement around 4 pillars: LGBTQ+ Inclusion, Interfaith Cooperation, Racial and Social Justice, and Community Engagement. We partner with student organizations and university offices to bring sought after speakers around these themes and invite them into multiple levels of engagement with students, staff and administration. We are committed to co-creating an environment where all students, particularly those who have been marginalized, have the resources and support they need to thrive. 

Simply put, we are a progressive campus ministry that welcomes Jesus followers, seekers, doubters, interfaith advocates, and people of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. We strive to make our campus and world a more just, loving, and peaceful place through critical thought, prophetic action, and authentic spirituality.

United Ministries in Higher Education (Ekklesia Campus Ministry)


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