Feeding our Food Insecure Students

Bright Futures Joplin harnesses local generosity to help children in need by providing weekend Snack Packs to food-insecure elementary students all across the Joplin school district. This food means the difference between hunger and stability, and is completely funded by community support. Please join us in feeding our children!

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Pledge Incentives

$15.00 Level

8 Supporters

Your $15 donation provides Snack Packs for FOUR food insecure students for one weekend. Many of our elementary-aged students go home to families who struggle to put food on the table, but just $15 can help several kids get through the weekend without hunger, so they can get back to school on Monday morning ready to learn and grow.

$25.00 Level

5 Supporters

Your donation puts us $25 closer to our goal of feeding Joplin's food insecure children! This amount pays for six weeks of weekend meals for one student in need, which can make all the difference in times of struggle. Please consider sharing our project on your social media channels to help add to our momentum.

$50.00 Level

6 Supporters

Your generous donation of $50 could pay for 71 individual servings of shelf-stable milk, 263 servings of instant oatmeal, or 223 fresh apples. Let's get that food into the hands of our hungry elementary students to wipe out weekend hunger! Please share our project with your friends and businesses; when it comes to feeding Joplin's kids, we can't do it alone.

$100.00 Level

4 Supporters

Thanks to our wholesale purchasing power, your $100 donation will go so very far toward eradicating food insecurity for Joplin's elementary school students, one weekend at a time. Food is the difference between concentration and worry; food fills the space between growth and pain; food is the foundation we know so many of our kids depend on but can't access on their own. They need your help, and we're so thankful for your gift!

Project Overview

Childhood Hunger? 

Free breakfasts and lunches at school are sometimes the only guaranteed meals our students will have access to. We hear heartbreaking stories about children who cry as they leave school on Friday afternoons, because they know they won't have food until they return on Monday morning. We hear of teachers who keep a stash of food in their desk drawers to help hungry kids focus on learning, or buying groceries out of their own pockets for a family in need. And we hear of families stuggling through seasons of hardship, going without plentious food in order to pay their bills.

Not in Our Backyard!

Our goal is to step into those spaces, and provide stable meals for our hungriest students so they can grow, learn and thrive alongside their peers. 

The Snack Packs program costs around $40,000 per year, and feeds more than 400 students each weekend. Each Snack Pack is filled with shelf-stable food that can be easily prepared by children as young as 4 years old, and costs about $3.75 per pack.

Bright Futures Joplin has been helping to feed children in this way since 2010, and it's only possible through genereous, continued community support, and hands-on volunteers.

You Can Help!

Want to become involved? Your donations will go a long way toward helping us continue to feed our hungriest students so they can thrive. 

Learn more on our website or follow us on Facebook as we show Joplin's students that they're surrounded by a community of champions.

They're surrounded by YOU -- and that makes all the difference.


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About Bright Futures Joplin

Bright Futures Joplin is a grassroots, community-based organization that creates partnerships and utilizes community resources for the common goal of helping Joplin Schools students and strengthening their families. By helping to create important structures kids need in order to be successful learners and successful community members, Bright Futures Joplin works to make brighter futures for Joplin's students.

We Believe...

in the inherent worth of every child and in every individual's ability to make a difference with his or her time, talent, and treasure.

that every child's basic needs must be met in order for that child to learn effectively.

that our community has the resources and ability to meet the needs of every child through relationships because all of us are better together than any of us alone. 

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