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Literacy is a basic need. We address the importance of reading and promote literacy through one-to-one tutoring for adults and underprivileged youth.

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Pledge Incentives

$5.00 Level

14 Supporters

If we use our super bargain hunting shopping skills we can purchase up to 5 books with 5 dollars!!

$20.00 Level

14 Supporters

Learning materials for one month! Your gift of $20 provides one student with materials to learn with their volunteer tutor for one month.

$50.00 Level

8 Supporters

$50 is all that is needed to give one classroom of (adorable) preschoolers each a book to add to their at-home library and materials for a fun activity to build kindergarten skills.

$100.00 Level

7 Supporters

Teach the teacher. $100 funds one volunteer reading tutor with specific training, curriculum, books, and mentoring to begin working with a student.

Project Overview

"My child has improved her reading to the point where she wants more books. This is a great thing! She used to HATE having to read and now she wants more." (Joyous message from OLC student's mother)

Literacy changes lives.

"By increasing my reading skills everything is better. I am doing better than I ever have before. It's like being born again! I can now gather what is needed in life."  (Acclamation from OLC graduate)

Literacy is a basic need.

32 million adults nationally read below a 3rd-grade level.

45% of Springfield Public School 3rd graders read below basic or at a basic level on the 2019 MAP test.

4X Children who are not reading at grade level by third grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of high school.




OLC donors are dynamite!!

Thank you for giving to our reading program! We have three students just today!!!

Providing a basic need

Your gift allows OLC to continue to provide the BASIC NEED of literacy to Southwest Missouri. Monday a man in his early 20's visited us for a reading level assessment. He was very nervous and was certain that somehow he would fail (there is no way to fail) the evaluation. After he finished he listened to his results calmly, then turned the corner and elated to his caseworker that he made it to a second-grade reading level. He was so proud of himself and excited to meet his tutor and improve.


About Ozarks Literacy Council

Ozarks Literacy Council has been providing free reading tutoring in southwest Missouri since 1968. OLC has three main programs to share the gift of literacy.

1. One-to-One reading tutoring. Free individual instruction for adults that are reading below a sixth-grade level and for school-age children that are at least six months behind in their reading skills. Tutors and students meet one hour a week to focus on individual goals. There is no stigma, shame, or embarrassment in a classroom setting, it is only the tutor, student, and the goal of reading better.

2. Preschool Reading. Ozarks Literacy Council has a partnership with Springfield Public Schools to provide literacy materials and visits to preschool classrooms. Our volunteer readers visit their classes four times during the school year. Each visit consists of an exuberant reading of a book, an activity that focuses on kindergarten readiness skills and always fun with usually a few hugs from sweet little people. Every child receives a copy of the book read and the activity played to bring home and share. 

3. Advocacy. Books, books, and more books! OLC wants everyone to have a book and the ability to read it. Civic events, partnerships with schools and organizations allow us to distribute thousands of books. 

Ozarks Literacy Council

Springfield, Missouri
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