From Trash to Treasure: Fulbright Spring Greenway Trail Project

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From Trash to Treasure, the Fulbright Landfill takes on new life: Ozark Greenways' Fulbright Spring Greenway Trail Project

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Pledge Incentives

$25.00 Level

15 Supporters

Your gift of $25 or more will make an impact. One example of what $25 will do: provide one trail sign that reminds folks to travel at safe speeds! Every donation of any size increases our project's momentum and helps close the trail gap! Please share with your friends and encourage them explore our trail system with you.

$50.00 Level

11 Supporters

Your donation puts us $50 closer to our goal! One example of what $50 will do: provide five on-surface wayfinding decals that we place every tenth of a mile! Please consider sharing our project on your social media channels to help add to our momentum.

$100.00 Level

5 Supporters

Your generous donation puts us $100 closer to our goal! Every dollar goes directly to build this trail. One example of what $100 will do: purchases ~2.5 tons of gravel for the trail base! Please plan on returning to this page to check our project’s progress as we near our deadline.

$250.00 Level

2 Supporters

Your generous donation puts us $250 closer to our goal! One example of what $250 will do: build ~5 linear feet of 10-foot-wide concrete trail. This trail crosses a former landfill-turning our community's trash into a community treasure.

Project Overview

Help us meet our goal to raise $25,000 of a $408,471.90 project! Phase 4 of the Fulbright Spring Greenway Trail Project consists of constucting 1.44 miles of hard-surface trail, primarily for bicycling, running and walking activities. It will directly connect two parks and will result in a total of approximately seven continuous miles of greenway trail. All together, these seven miles will connect a total of four parks, an elementary school and an additional rural road route which is marked with share-the-road signs to connect to the Frisco Highline Trail.

The project site is part of a closed city landfill and represents the creative reuse and return to use of a community land resource. It will create lasting change in our region, leading to an increase in not only healthier people and places, but also improved land preservation and conservation outcomes. The trail project will serve all residents of Greene County and the thousands of tourists that visit our county each year. The region will benefit from this project as it will allow for an increase in access for physical activity, outdoor recreation and outdoor education.

Our trails are an endowment to the community from our members and contributors like yourself. They will endure for generations and, with them, so too will your generosity and support. Thank you so much for loving our trails and outdoors like you do. 



Thank you!!

Thanks you so much for making a donation to this project. We really appreciate your support! It's pretty exciting to see this project getting so close to being finished. We'll be sure to keep you updated, and as soon as we get a ribbon cutting date set-we will let you know that too.
Take care,
Mary Kromrey

Thank you for your investment!

You each played a role in helping us reach our match. Thank you for helping us turn $5,000 into $10,000. This on-line campaign ends on March 15, and we are still reaching towards our goal of $25,000. Please share this project with your friends and family that also love our outdoors.

The team from Emery Sapp & Sons is on-track to have this project completed before the first day of summer. Fingers crossed that they are able to stay on-track. They are currently ahead of schedule!

Thank so much,
Mary & John

Project Update

Hope you are all doing well! Here is an update on the Fulbright Spring Greenway Trail Project:
-the contractor estimates that about a week's worth of work remains
-the contractor is still within the original time frame for completion
-the amount of rain received every 3-4 days is the reason why the trail is not completed

Since this area is still a construction site, we have not opened the section that has been poured. We have some finish work to complete, signs to install, and construction debris/equipment still on-site.

Thanks for your patience and for your support!

Mary Kromrey

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Ozark Greenways is a non-profit membership organization working to -

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-own and operate the Frisco Highline Trail

-partner with landowners by holding conservation, historical, recreation, and/or cultural easements in our Land Trust

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-educate and advocate about the health, economic, and conservation benefits of greenway trails 

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