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Help the Museum get our Education, Art Acquisition, Art Conservation and Preservation, and Building Funds back on track! The COVID-19 pandemic drastically altered the upward trajectory of the Museum's progress toward our ambitious master plan. Donate today and help FUND OUR FUTURE.

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Pledge Incentives

$15.00 Level

26 Supporters

Project Bag Level. Take-Home Art Project Bags have replaced almost all of the Museum's regular in-person public programs. To date, we have distributed over 10,000 project bags to individual families and area classrooms. Please consider a donation at this level to underwrite the cost of providing project bags to our community free of charge.

$35.00 Level

23 Supporters

Special Event Level. This donation level is what a patron would pay to attend the annual 99 Times Party (99x) or the Art In Bloom Preview Party. The cancellation of both of these events in 2020 and 2021 has led to over $120,000 of lost revenue. If you enjoy events like these - which benefit our Art Preservation & Conservation and Art Acquisition Funds, respectively - please consider a donation at this level.

$75.00 Level

10 Supporters

Art Class & Camp Level. This amount approximates what a patron might spend to take a seated art class, an art-making workshop, or to send a child to one of our Summer Art Camp sessions. If our Education Fund is near and dear to your heart, please consider a donation at this level.

$125.00 Level

22 Supporters

Building & Grounds Level. Larger donations are critical to fund the massive work involved in naturalizing Fassnight Creek to reduce flood risk to the Museum's facility and our art collection. Please consider a donation at this level if you are able.

Project Overview

Now is the time to Rally for Recovery around our community's Arts & Culture organizations. During 2020, Museum attendance dropped from a record high in 2019 of 63,000+ to fewer than 17,000. This hit the Museum right where it hurts, in the donation box.

In addition to a 3 month closure, capacity limits and the inherent danger of exposing our community to increased risk of exposure to COVID-19, required the cancellation of all of the regular revenue drivers for the Museum including Art Classes, Summer Art Camps, Art Workshops, Pop-Up Retail Shop, and the Museum's signature annual fundraising events, the 99 Times Party (99x) and Art in Bloom.

The pandemic also delayed groundbreaking on Phase I renovations to the Museum's grounds as a part of master plan, including flood risk mitigation that is vital to the Museum's ability to preserve our 10,000+ art object permanent collection, insuring artwork entrusted to our care, secure traveling exhibitions and artwork loans, and continued operations at our current site.

As the City of Springfield's oldest cultural institution, which aims to connect you with the world, your community, and yourself through active engagement with art objects, your support is key to helping the Museum transition from delivering primarily virtual experiences and take-home projects to transformative in-person services. 

Robust Education, Art Acquisition, Art Conservation & Preservation, and Building Funds are essential to the Museum's ability to continue delivering our mission to our community, over 30 surrounding rural school districts, and beyond! High profile art acquisitions and proper care of our world-class art collection helps focus attention, energize patrons, and attract new audiences. This excitement is key to the continued health and growth of the Museum. We thank you in advance for your consideration of support. 


Almost to $3,000

Thank you donors! We are just 2 hours in to Give Ozarks Day: Rally For Recovery and we are nearing the $3,000 mark. We appreciate your support.

Almost to $4,500!

As we near 10:30 AM, our project has raised almost $4,500. We are so thankful for the incredible support we have received from donors like you!

Almost to $5,500!

We just passed the noon hour and are well on our way to $5,500 in support of our Fund Our Future campaign. We know that this has been a hard year to weather and that there are so many deserving projects to support. We value your investment in our mission. Thank you for your support!

Almost to $6,000!

It is nearly 2:00 PM and we are just $100 shy of the $6,000 mark. We are so grateful for your support of our project. Thank you donors! Together we rise.

Almost to $7,000!

As we near 4:00 PM and less than 3 hours left in Give Ozarks Day, YOUR Art Museum is nearing the $7,000 mark. We can't thank you enough for your donations and support of our project, but we will try: THANK YOU!!!

Almost to $8,000!

Wow! Thank you donors! Because of your generosity, with just 15 mins left in the 5:00 PM hour we are SO CLOSE TO HITTING THE $8,000 MARK. On behalf of everyone here at YOUR Art Museum, thank you for helping Fund Our Future.

Help Us Finish Strong!

Thank you for your support of our Give Ozarks Day Fund Our Future campaign! Can you help us finish strong by making one final donation of at least $5 before 7 PM to keep us in the running for the final $5,000 prize give away? In just 12 short hours, your generosity has helped us raise over $8,000 in recovery funds. We are so thankful for you for supporting us (and many other nonprofits) today!

Thank You Donors!

That's a wrap on Give Ozarks Day 2021: Rally For Recovery! Over 150 area nonprofits participated in this 12 hour Day of Giving to recoup some of the funds we were unable to raise due to the pandemic. We are so very thankful and grateful to all who supported our project page and/or shared our content today. Thanks to your generosity we raised $8,481 through our project page and an additional $215 directly on our website for a total of $8,696!

We are also incredibly grateful to all of those who have supported us and our mission in the community throughout the last year in a myriad of ways including donations, volunteerism, and patronage. Together we rise. We look forward to continuing to serve you with high-quality art exhibitions and art education. Thank you for being a part of the important work that we are doing in our community.

*If you would like more information on the Museum's upcoming exhibits, please visit:

*If you would like more information about the Museum's 30-Year Master Plan, please visit:

*If you want to learn more about Take-Home Project Bags or other education programs, please visit:

*And keep an eye on: as we develop the return of both Art In Bloom and the 99 Times (99x) Party in 2022!


About Springfield Art Museum


The Springfield Art Museum invites you to connect with the world, your community, and yourself through active engagement with art objects. 


The Springfield Art Museum recognizes the past and embraces the future as a collaborator and catalyst for the transformation of individuals and the community through art. The Art Museum is a vital partner in the economic development of the city and values collaboration. The Museum will actively cultivate the use of its facilities both interior and exterior as a cultural resource for its citizens through the continued expansion of its permanent collection, creative development and expansion of exhibitions and providing educational outreach to the citizens of Southwest Missouri.


The Springfield Art Museum is one of the City’s oldest cultural institutions. It started as the Art Study Club, founded by a small group of women in 1926 led by Deborah D. Weisel. The group was successfully incorporated on June 26, 1928 as the Springfield Art Museum. By 1946, the Museum became a City department when Council approved a special levy to include financial support of the Museum and appointed a nine-member board. The Art Study Club eventually deeded the Museum to the City.

As a city department, the Springfield Art Museum continued to grow and find its permanent home in Phelps Grove Park with the largest gallery dedicated to Ms. Weisel. Today, the Springfield Art Museum continues to honor the legacy of the Art Study Group by expanding community outreach and introducing people of all ages to the beauty, wonder, and imagination of art.

The Museum is currently working to cultivate the use of its facilities as a cultural resource for Southwest Missouri, to expand its permanent collection, and to develop and expand its exhibitions while providing greater educational outreach to the community. We are stewards of the community’s most valuable cultural treasures, and the future of the museum and its programs continues to be brighter than ever. The Museum is always free, and you are always welcome.

Springfield Art Museum

Springfield, Missouri