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Get the Lead Out: Funding a lead analyzer machine for Dickerson Park Zoo's Raptor Rehab.

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$10.00 Level

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Your gift of $10 or more will help the zoo help injured wildlife. Too often raptors are found with lead poisoning. The birds brought to the zoo's Raptor Rehab with symptoms of lead poisoning are tested and treated. Your gift will help fund a lead analyzer so blood work may be tested at the zoo hospital immediately instead of sent out for results, which may take days.

$25.00 Level

38 Supporters

$25--helps Get the Lead Out even faster. A donation of $25 will help purchase a lead analyzer for the Dickerson Park Zoo Hospital. Immediate blood results--instead of having to send blood work out for results--help rally to recovery! Thank you!

$50.00 Level

13 Supporters

Your generous donation puts us $50 closer to our goal of getting the lead out of eagles and other raptors. Thank you!

$100.00 Level

13 Supporters

$100--did you know on July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress asked Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams to design an official seal for the new nation? Can you help protect our national bird by donating a "Benjamin?"

Project Overview

Lead poisoning is a serious issue in the Ozarks. Almost weekly, a raptor is brought to the Dickerson Park Zoo Raptor Rehab with suspected lead poisoning.

While lead poisoning is dangerous, bald eagles are especially lead sensitive. Eagles with lead poisoning present with: weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, weakness, heart arrhythmias, anemia, blindness, and too often, acute death. 

Get the Lead Out is a campaign to help Friends of the Zoo purchase a lead analyzer for the zoo's Raptor Rehab Program. Currently, blood work to determine lead levels and course of treatment must be sent out for results. Having a lead analyzer at the zoo hospital will make testing results immediate and help the veterinarian and animal care staff determine the best course of treatment. 

It is heartbreaking to see our national symbol so sick it can't lift its head or even blink. It is heartwarming and inspirational to see a sick bird rehabilitated and re-released back into the wild. 

You can be a part of the solution. You can help Get the Lead Out. 

Thank you for your donation; and, thank you for helping protect wildlife. 


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One of Friends of the Zoo's largest contributions to the continued success of Dickerson Park Zoo is by staffing and funding the Conservation Education Department. Within this department staff and docents (volunteer teachers) reach tens of thousands of children and adults through on-grounds interactions, classes and outreach programs.


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