Getting Messy in Monett!

Help us create a special sensory room dedicated to activities for our preschoolers that have sensory delays. These activities include swings, slime and trampolines — all kinds of messy fun!

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Pledge Incentives

$10.00 Level

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Your gift of $10 or more will buy shaving cream or Play-Doh to use in our new sensory room.

$50.00 Level

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Your donation of $50 closer will be used to purchase a pod swing for our new sensory room.

$100.00 Level

2 Supporters

Your generous donation of $100 can be used to purchase a Dizzy Disc for our children that like to spin in our new sensory room.

$150.00 Level

2 Supporters

Your generous donation of $150 will help buy loads of supplies for our new sensory room.

Project Overview

My name is Lynda Painter and I have served as director of the Barry-Lawrence County Development Center during the past 29 years. Since 1973, thecenter has provided preschool services to more than 600 families in the Monett area, particularly those with children who have developmental delays and disabilities. 

One of our desires for our new building includes a sensory room that can also serve as a safe room during storms. At this time our children are scared to go down to the tornado shelter we currently have at our facility. We want to make the room a fun place to go to during storms but also a therapeutic area for our sensory-seeking children. 

We would like this room to include a sand table, crash pads, slime, Play-Doh, boxes of beans or rice, water beads, spinning toys, and trampolines. These activities help our children to feel more in control of their bodies as well as calming activities when they may be upset.  At this time we have several of these activities but they are not readily available for the children to use when needed.  

Check out our Facebook page — — to see photos from when we built a snowman inside and threw snowballs.

Please feel free to contact me at for more information! Thank you in advance for your support!



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The Barry-Lawrence County Development Center in Monett, Mo., was established in 1973 to provide early intervention services to children with developmental delays and disabilities. We have provided services to 600 plus families over the years. 

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