Watching Over Whiskers Year End Appeal

Every cat should have a home - Every home should have a cat! Watching Over Whiskers is changing lives, one feline at a time.

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Pledge Incentives

$1.00 Level

7 Supporters

$25 funds one TNR (Trap -Neuter-Return) appointment for a feral feline

$50.00 Level

5 Supporters

$50 covers the cost of two vaccines for a kitten

$125.00 Level

1 Supporter

$125 covers the average cost of vetting one adult feline.

$250.00 Level

0 Supporters

$300 is the average cost of fully vetting a kitten

$500.00 Level

0 Supporters

$500 is the average ER vetting bill as we care for injured felines for owners with estimated bills over $2000.00

$800.00 Level

0 Supporters

$800 is the average ER bill on a feline surrendered to WOW.

$1,250.00 Level

0 Supporters

$1,250 covers the vetting of a mom and litter of 5 felines.

$2,500.00 Level

0 Supporters

$2,500 will fund 100 TNR appointments in a year which is a HUGE dent in the overpopulation in our community.

$4,000.00 Level

0 Supporters

$4,000 is the average quarterly ER vet bills we cover.

Project Overview

There are 420,000+  ( multiplied by infinity) reasons to support Watching Over Whiskers.


You see – one unaltered male and female feline and their offspring can produce more than 420,000 felines in their lifetime.


That’s right – 420,000 unwanted, homeless felines from one family!


Watching Over Whiskers was founded in 2015 to assist with routine vetting for forever home placement, ER vetting for injured felines and Trap Neuter Return known as TNR to stop the unwanted litters from happening.


To date we have assisted more than 1,350 felines in Southwest Missouri through volunteers caring for felines in loving foster homes.


Our dream is for WOW to help even more felines and make a bigger difference.


One way is to fund 350+ TNR visits each year which would cost $10,000 and really make a dent in the population explosion in our community.


Routine vetting for in home placement is  always, always, always a need and helps us ensure we are placing healthy felines in loving homes.


Our ER fund is depleted quarterly and could ALWAYS use a boost – we have assisted in amputating legs and tails on seven felines this year alone along with many other splints and stitches along with some lifesaving meds and special tests funded.


We believe felines matter.


Watching Over Whiskers is changing lives, one feline at a time.


Won’t you help us?


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About Watching Over Whiskers

Watching Over Whiskers supports routine vetting to help place kitties in loving homes, as well as Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) assistance and emergency vet assistance for kitties on a case by case basis. This page has been established for everyone to follow the story of the kitties we are able to help.

To date, the founder, Marci, has been able to TNR, vet and/or place well over 950 kitties (over 830 of those in the first two years of WOW's existence) and she couldn’t have done it without YOU. The kindness and compassion YOU have shown has made all the difference and given Marci the ability to help defenseless felines who have no voice without us.

Follow us on this journey as we continue to work together, watching over whiskers.

Why should you get involved? Alarming Numbers!

According to a study conducted by Appalachian State University,one un-spayed female cat and one un-neutered male cat and their offspring can result in 420,000 kittens in 7 years. A female cat can have 29 litters in 10 years. A male cat can sire as many as 2,500 kittens in a single year, and a male dog can sire almost as many puppies.


Need we say more?

Watching Over Whiskers

Springfield, Missouri