Growing Healthy and Engaged Neighbors

Since 1914, University of Missouri Extension Specialists in Greene County have been growing healthy and engaged neighbors with our research-based community education.

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Project Overview

Greene County MU Extension’s “Engaged Neighbor” program grew out of the shelter-in-place isolation for 2020 and is now reaching thousands of area residents each month.

Our community development specialist is focused on teaching residents of neighborhoods, apartment complexes and communities of faith the value of being an engaged neighbor. Our community development programs teach residents to lead, take action, connect, and thrive. The overall effort results in better neighborhoods, more engaged residents and an improved quality of life for residents.

Neighboring is the art and skill of building relationships with the people who live in closest proximity to you. Neighboring begins by learning and using names of those neighbors. It grows through associations created by shared interests. Ultimately it bears fruit with engaged neighbors who can positively impact their neighborhood and community.

Our specialists teach individuals how to grow things for home and commercial use in our agriculture and Master Gardener programs. That work can have a positive impact on our community.

Our nutrition specialists and educators teach children and families how to eat on a budget while making nutritious and healthy choices, leading to a healthier community.

Our workforce development specialist works with individuals and organizations to get and provide training that leads to quality job and quality employees.

Our human development specialist teaches people to help others overcome loneliness, raise stable families, and meet training needs for child care providers and others who work with children.

Our 4-H program connects youth and families to local clubs and online training to make the best better through clearer thinking (Head), greater loyalty (Heart), larger service (Hands) and better living (Health) for their club, community, country, and world.

Your donation can make it possible for us to offer our various engaged neighbor programs in a variety of formats during 2021. As more residents are educated on neighboring and join in the effort, the more we can develop a culture of neighborliness.

During Give Ozarks 2021, we encourage you to support an engaged neighbor with your donation. Gifts of $100 can fund a scholarship for our Becoming an Engaged Neighbor program. A gift of $250 will help keep our monthly Neighboring 101 class free to people nationwide. Larger gifts will make it possible for MU Extension to continue working in neighborhoods, with families, youth and adults. Every gift helps to support the MU Extension programs that have been growing healthy and engaged neighbors.


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About Greene County Extension Council

Greene County Extension Council’s mission is to govern operations of the local University of Missouri Extension office so our programs can continue to help improve the lives of county residents. The councils efforts include securing revenue to support office operations and local programs, giving input on programs and county staff, and promoting local educational efforts conducted by MU Extension.

Our local extension programming addresses areas of need in agriculture, horticulture, business development, youth, families, nutrition and community development. Some of our easily recognized programs include 4-H youth, Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists, Family Nutrition Education Program, Organic Gardening Academy, Neighborhood Leadership Academy, Missouri Blueberry School, Seeds of Prosperity, Ozarks Regional Food Policy Council, Focus on Kids, Boost Your Brain, Missouri Historic Schools Alliance and the Engaged Neighbor Program.

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