H.O.P.E.: Helping Others with Purpose and Encouragement

H.O.P.E. Imagine being homeless and hospitalized. As a female struggling to recover how would you face a return to living on the street? You are alone and without HOPE. Please provide HOPE to the WMR through your financial support as we provide HOPE to ladies to thrive vs. merely survive.

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Pledge Incentives

$15.00 Level

3 Supporters

Your gift of $15 provides daily nutrition for our residents. Any donation increases our project's momentum toward helping our ladies thrive.

$30.00 Level

9 Supporters

Your gift of $30 supports transportation needs to and from medical appointments and community resources.

$55.00 Level

9 Supporters

Your gift of $55 sponsors a night's stay for one lady. Women's Medical Respite offers an opportunity for a client's recovery for body and soul, and safe shelter to focus on moving from surviving to thriving.

$165.00 Level

5 Supporters

Your gift of $165 enables the WMR to serve three clients for a day. Hope is provided through a safe landing place following hospitalization for these ladies.

Project Overview


 Helping Others with Purpose and Encouragement

The Women’s Medical Respite provides a safe landing place for women experiencing homelessness and in need of a place to recover following hospitalization.  From the moment of welcome to the time of departure from WMR, the staff, board members, and volunteers seek to provide HOPE to each lady. 

* HOPE for physical recovery. 

* HOPE for connection. 

* HOPE for a thriving future.

As an organization, WMR needs HOPE as well. 

* HOPE to sustain service to our family of ladies. 

* HOPE to meet our financial obligations. 

* HOPE for a thriving future.

Can you provide HOPE today?


Thank you!

Cassie D'Arpino, we love what you do and how you help so many women across the Ozarks. Thank you for being the first one to give to our H.O.P.E. project today. You certainly bring HOPE to all of us at the Women's Medical Respite!

Thank you!

It is with awe and appreciation that we say thank you! Your support is so important to the homeless women that we are able to serve. Thank you! Keep sharing the news about the WMR! We still have some 8 hours to tell a friend and ask them to share our story!

Thank you!

To each of our donors, thank you for pushing us over the $5,000.00 mark! We are thrilled and so very pleased with the response today. You have given us HOPE and we are so thankful. You have provided us determination to press on. THANK YOU.

It is 7 p.m. THANK YOU

To all the donors today, you have made the Board of Directors and the staff at the Women's Medical Respite so grateful for your contributions. You have given us HOPE and determination to continue our work with the homeless women in our area who are needing recovery time following hospitalization. Thank you for your generosity.

Please stay friends! Like us on our Facebook site. Feel free to connect with us at anytime. We need your continued awareness of our work and to share our joy as we press on. Thank you for providing HOPE!


About Women's Medical Respite

Women’s Medical Respite is an organization committed to providing services to ill homeless women who do not meet the criteria necessary to be hospitalized. These services include a safe, clean 24-hour environment at no cost to the client, nutritious food, transportation to medical appointments, assistance with medications and coordination of home health services, referrals for housing and primary care. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Since May 2015, we have provided services to more than 190 women in need.

We are working 24/7 to help homeless women from the Ozarks who are too ill to be on the streets. Just imagine getting so sick that you have to go to the hospital and have surgery. Now imagine that you're beginning to feel human again and the doctor says that you can go home.

The only problem is...You don't have a home!

A local shelter would give you a safe place to sleep, but will require you to leave every morning at 7. How will you keep your wound clean? Where will you lie down during the day when you need to rest? How will you follow through with medications and make it to follow-up appointments? How can you find nutritious food? How will the summer's heat or the winter's cold affect your recovery?


• A safe, clean 24-hour environment at no cost

• Nutritious food

• Transportation to medical appointments

• Assistance with medications

• Utilizations of prescribed home health services

• Referrals for housing and primary health care

• Access to someone who cares


Women's Medical Respite


Springfield, Missouri