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Our dogs are kept in kennels that are cleaned daily. The cleaning compounds and constant water is causing the fencing to deteriorate. These need to be replaced for the health and safety of our dogs.

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Project Overview

About our Project

The Tri-Lakes Humane Society prides itself in keeping our animal areas clean and safe for the overall health of our animals.  Due to this constant cleaning, some of our chain link fencing is starting to deteriorate and become a safety hazard.  We will need to replace several fences in the near future. 

Financial setbacks

Due to Covid-19, our large annual fundraiser had to be canceled in 2020 and 2021.  We rely on these funds to support our out of the ordinary projects, like new fencing.  Our current funding levels only support the basic needs of the animals in our care.  We appreciate any and all donations to help keep our animals safe, healthy and happy.

Contributions to the Community

Since 1978 Tri-Lakes Humane Society has been finding homes for dogs and cats from Stone and Taney counties.  There are between 600 and 800 adoptions every year from our no-kill shelter.  Animals are placed both locally and throughout the United States.

Your impact

Your financial donation today will help the Tri-Lakes Humane Society to continue to serve the community for many years to come.  Without new fencing we may have to limit the number of dogs we can accomodate at one time.  We already frequently have a waiting list for intake of animals.

Sweetie Pie                         Anne



Thank You

The Tri-Lakes Humane Society Board would like to thank everyone who donated to our project on Give Ozarks Day. We feel very blessed by your generosity. Your donation will enable us to do much needed repairs to our facility.
Thank you again for supporting the Tri-Lakes Humane Society.


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About Tri-Lakes Humane Society

The Tri-Lakes Humane Society is a local non-profit organization that provides shelter for lost, abandoned, and unwanted animals while actively seeking loving, permanent homes for them.  We give every animal who comes to us as much time as funding and space allow to find a new home.  We advocate the humane treatment of all animals, and each animal adopted from our Society is spayed or neutered according to state law.  We encourage spaying and neutering of all domestic animals through educational programs within the community, and we encourage other opportunities for interaction between The Humane Society, its animals and the community.HIS!

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