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Haven of the Ozarks is a no-kill shelter in a rural area of SW Missouri. While our rural location is wonderful for our dogs and cats and gives us plenty of space for the dogs to run, it also makes it easier for irresponsible pet owners to dump dogs on the dirt road in front of our shelter without any witnesses.

Lately, we have had an increase of dogs and cats dumped outside our fences. This is extremely dangerous for the animals.  Often, these animals take off into nearby fields and take days to catch or disappear entirely. Even worse, some of the dumped puppies, dogs, cats or kittens end up getting hit by passing cars that don't see them.

Unfortunately, our old security cameras stopped working years ago, so we have no way to try and report the heartless people that dumped these dogs here and drove away. We also need cameras in the facility to help keep around-the-clock watch on all of the cats and dogs in our care. With the money we raise, we could put updated security cameras at the front entrance and watching over our animals, it will help us to ensure their safety at all times.We currently have no security cameras on property, so we have no way to catch the people committing this crime and deter them from doing so. We are hoping to raise at least $2,000 to purchase new cameras to put outside the front of the shelter and throughout the property to keep our animals safe. Any extra funds raised will go towards the care of the animals at Haven of the Ozarks.

Please help us keep our animals safe and secure and hold those who dump animals responsible! 

Haven of the Ozarks Animal Sanctuary Profile

We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) facility offering long-term care to dogs and cats until they can be found a loving forever home. We are a true no-kill facility.  Located on over 11 acres near Cassville in Southwest Missouri, we have one paid Operations Manager and three staff members, plus a handful of dedicated volunteers and the good will and generosity of people who care about the welfare of animals. 
Our cats live in Community Rooms with plenty of space to climb, play, and hide, and are caged only when in need of isolation to maintain good health for all. One room has an outdoor area, with plans for more. 
Our dogs live in large, outdoor pens - most 16 X 16 for 2 dogs, and 30 X 90 fields holding 3 dogs each. They enjoy access to fresh water, food, shelter, and shade, with swimming pools during warm weather.

Anyone who visits the Haven can immediately see the love and care given to our animals. We encourage YOU to come vist!


Thanks for your support!

<p>Haven of the Ozarks is now a safer place for the animals in our care thanks to your support! The funds raised from our Cause Momentum fundraiser as well as donations sent in via the mail and Paypal helped us reach our goal! <br /> We have now purchased the security cameras for the sanctuary. We hope that this helps deter the dangerous dumping of animals and keeps the sanctuary more secure. <br /> Your support means the world to us at the Haven and we really appreciate your donation! <br /> THANK YOU!!</p>

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Haven of the Ozarks Animal Sanctuary

We are a no-kill facility that provides love and care for stray and abandoned dogs and cats.

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