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Friend of Downtown. Every donation of any size helps to fund the incremental improvements that make for a thriving downtown.

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Supporter of Downtown.  Your contribution helps keep events like Third Thursday and Empire Market happening!

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Partner of Downtown. You are playing a part in preserving our historic heritage and finding creative entrepreneurs to fill those spaces.

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Champion of Downtown. You are a piece of the puzzle in the education that goes behind every Main Street organization and the work that it takes to grow downtown.

Project Overview

Following an eventful year, our goal in 2021 is to build new programs and reconnect with old ones. Along with welcoming back Third Thursday, WineShare, and events at Empire Market, we look forward to establishing the Empire Sprouts Kids Club and growing our Endangered Properties Program. Running a non-profit with a variety of services and events is no small feat and we are tasked with diversifying our income stream as much as possible - the contributions of donors, business partners, and community members who believe in the vitality of downtown are so important to our ongoing success! 

Downtown Joplin Alliance is a not for profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of the downtown community as a thriving, safe, and attractive center of art, history, enterprise, commerce, culture, residence, and entertainment.

How do we do this?

  • The preservation of historic buildings
  • Marketing and promotion of our small businesses, especially Mom and Pops
  • The connection of property owners with resources and prospective businesses
  • The creation of events that bring people to the district
  • Providing education opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • Further collaboration with other organizations and entities to create synergy and incremental change

We leverage both the art and science of downtown revitalization to create a better quality of life for all. The result of these efforts is a community with strong social cohesion and economic opportunity; a downtown that supports and sustains innovation and opportunity; places where people of diverse perspectives and backgrounds come together to shape the future.

Why do we do this?

We work tirelessly to improve the appearance and economics of downtown to create a place that people from all over the region love to be. We invite you to eat downtown, to shop downtown, to play downtown.

And when you’re here, look around. Admire the buildings that hold our history, smell the flowers adorning the sidewalks, shop the small businesses owned by your neighbors, and meet the people who make up this community we call home. And with that look around, we hope that you are inspired to get involved, to make a difference. Why? Because it’s YOUR downtown.

 How can you get involved?

  • Attend our events: Third Thursday, Joplin Empire Market, First Friday WineShare, Annual Sidewalk Sale, Holiday Events, & More
  • Interact with and share our posts on social media: find us @downtownjoplin
  • Volunteer: our events hinge on dedicated volunteers who carry our mission forward. Committees are also a great way to cater to your specific talents! Gardening? Donor relations? Print design? – we have a place for you.
  • Invest in Downtown Joplin: monthly or a one-time gift, your investment in downtown makes a difference!
  • BE downtown: eat downtown, shop downtown, play downtown! Support and get to know your local business owners and why they #ChooseJoplin.


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About Downtown Joplin Alliance

Downtown Joplin Alliance is a positive force working with our community, businesses, and property owners to preserve, enhance, and promote our historic downtown as a vibrant destination for residents and visitors to gather, shop, work, and enjoy.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit that's been around for over 25 years. We guide community-based revitalization efforts focusing on the historic downtown area. We leverage both the art and science of downtown planning to create a better quality of life for all by harnessing the assets that set Joplin apart. 

Downtown Joplin Alliance

Joplin, MO