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In 2020, The Victim Center was able to help 2,127 people with our 24-hour crisis response services. We respond over the phone and in-person to anyone who has been a victim of a violent or sexual crime.

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Your donation of $10 provides one hour of our crisis response services.

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Project Overview


The Victim Center anticipates a large upswing in clients as our area begins to phase-out the Stay at Home Orders, and go back to work. Many countries are now reporting a global surge of family violence since Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.  The United Nations is calling the sequestering of victims at home with their abusers the “shadow pandemic,” underscoring the importance for The Victim Center’s 24-hour crisis response services. 

Here is how your support of our 24-hour crisis response services helped one family. 

In 2019, Lakisha’s mother was murdered by an abusive husband who was released from jail. This tragedy triggered depression, anxiety, and nightmares for both Lakisha and her young daughter, who were grieving the traumatic death of their mother and grandmother. Fortunately, The Victim Center’s hotline and support services were a source of hope and help for them both.
Lakisha and Mandy* were able to receive free-of-charge counseling with a therapist, and Lakisha received ongoing support from advocates, who helped her access community resources. In addition, The Victim Center was able to continue providing these services via telehealth, even after Lakisha and Mandy moved out of state to be closer to family.
Lakisha and Mandy are now on the path to becoming a happy, healthy, and thriving family once again.
*Client name has been changed to protect their privacy



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About The Victim Center



Our vision is a community in which individuals live free of violence and corresponding trauma.

Our mission is to foster safety and health in our communities by walking with victims along their journey from trauma and tragedy to hope and healing

The Victim Center provides free-of-charge services to victims of violent and/or sexual crimes through 24-hour crisis response, individual and group counseling, personal advocacy, and court support. The Victim Center also provides school and community-based prevention education and training.

We serve any person who has experienced family violence, sexual violence, stalking, child sexual abuse, human trafficking, armed robbery, kidnapping, or the impact of homicide. We also serve survivors of DWI, childhood trauma, and all other violent or sexual crimes.





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